Games Like Infinity Wars

Here is a list of games that are similar to Infinity Wars.

Order Chaos Duels8

Duels of the Planeswalkers

Duels of the Planeswalkers is a Magic The Gathering game that any fan is going to love immediately. You have the type of experience that you expect from MTG in a virtual setting, and all with a story and characters that are going to make it feel new and exciting on its own.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon has been hugely popular for years now in every form. With Pokemon Trading Card Game, you have the trading card game that you already enjoyed, just in a new package. It looks beautiful, the cards and Pokemon are great, and it is a lot of fun to play, even if you have never played before.

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Choose a hero, grab your deck, and start destroying your enemies in the fantastic game Ederon. This is the type of experience that you expect from these types of games, and it even has some surprises hidden. If you are a fan and want to have some excitement that most similar games cannot offer, this is for you.

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Kaijudo Online

MTG fans should see what everyone is loving about Kaijudo Online.  This game offers the same type of excitement and stunning art that you expect of MTG, just with a boost in graphics. It is made by the same people, after all, so you know that it is going to deliver on the same level of fun.

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Power Rangers Online Card Game

Power Rangers was part of many childhoods over the years, so keeping up the love is a big thing. In Power Rangers Online Card Game, you can continue to enjoy your favorite characters and do much more. Take down evil and protect the earth as your favorite heroes, fighting with all your power until you win.

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Battle, trade, and make new friends in the massive online world of Hex. This game is going to offer many opportunities for you to prove your strength, for you to take down the enemies, and for you to build the best deck and strategy imaginable. With other players involved here, you know you can do it all with plenty of fun.

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 Order Chaos Duels9

Order Chaos Duels

You cannot just walk into Order Chaos Duels and expect to win. Here, you have to use the cards wisely and develop an incredible strategy if your plan is to win. It is certainly not easy to accomplish, but it is still the type of excitement and experience that you love about these games.

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 War 9

War of Omens

Beautiful cards, some amazing options, and plenty of chances to show off your skills all make for one great game, War of Omens. This game is going to wow you from the start with its great graphics and art, and it is going to keep you loving the game with so many chances to strategize and take down the opponents.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Anyone who plays and enjoys the World of Warcraft TCG should check out Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. It is based on the TCG, just throwing it into a new format and giving you an experience that is certain to present new and exciting challenges. Strategize, build your deck, and show off just how good you are here.

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As a commander in BattleCraft, you are going to lead to battle and you are going to need to take down anything that steps in your path. With so many challenges and so many ways to destroy your enemies, you are going to be able to do while having plenty of fun along the way.

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The browser based game offers action and adventure that you might not expect. Avillum keeps you fighting and improving as you come across new monsters, improve yourself, and see more of what this incredible world has to offer you. With so many new ways to challenge yourself, you are going to love every moment.

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Shadow Era

Strategy and magic are all part of Shadow Era. You have an interesting game that gives you everything you adore about the big names, such as Magic The Gathering, plus much, much more. Play against others as you develop the type of strategy that no one can destroy, helping you to become the victor.

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 Battle for Gea 6

Battle for Gea

Battle for Gea is all about the strategy. If you have played these games in the past, you may be tired of them all feeling the same, feeling too easy. That is different here. There is a real challenge present that any fans of the genre will want to take on, and will want to take down.

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Darkness has come to life in Nightbanes. You are going to go against dark creatures and dark arts, and you are going to have to master both. Show off your true skills and master the world that sits in front of you. With power and knowledge, you can become the best at this game.

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Duel of Champions

Pick a hero, build a deck, and strategize in Duel of Champions. This game has you building a deck, taking down other players, and even meeting friends without once showing signs of giving up and becoming easy. You have to challenge yourself if you want to push through to the end.

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