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Urban Rivals6

Urban Rivals

You will soon see the difference in “Urban Rivals” and the other TCG’s, and how it is full of awesome art, and eye catching graphics. You are not going to feel lost and out of place because “Urban Rivals has also got it own guide, which is going to benefit you greatly.

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 Dengen Chronicles12

Dengen Chronicles

In the TCG of “Dengen Chronicle” you get to practice your fighting skills. You have the option to choose weapons from thousands available. It is always nice to know you’re going to be receiving beneficial awards along the way. Fantasy creatures are not aware of what’s waiting for them as they watch their world collapse around them.

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 Card City9

Card City Nights

The TCG of “Card City Night” is not like other TCG’s, where they show graphic images of death and their heroes. You’re going to see cute adorable and somewhat weird characters that are interesting and funny, being cartoonish and not legendary. The background music has a little bit of jazz and hip hop.

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 Card Hunter5

Card Hunter

In this TCG of “Card Hunter” the warrior’s armor adds some cards that take away damage, repels thrusts, and keeps attacks from getting to you. Naturally, the warrior’s weapon card improves the moves made with the weapons. specializing in spells, controlling fire, and attacking enemies with bolts, is the Wizard. The Wizards abilities adapt to his specifies.

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 Fantasy Rivals9

Fantasy Rivals

In “Fantasy Rivals” both you and your opponent start out with 15 life points. Whichever one of you end up with the most life points wins. Each of you will choose eight heroes from the cards you already have to battle with. If you use the tutorial you will be awarded 12 cards to start with.

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There are 30 cards in an “Alteil” deck, and you get to actually keep these in your hand. With the exception of a few rare cards, you will have excess to every card in the deck during “Alteil’s” TCG. All of the cards in your deck will be laid out in front of you during this TCG.

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Kaijudo Online

Enjoy a new battle card game where you will collect powerful and rare cards, battle other players, and focus on developing great strategies. You will be able to take cards from the loser in a battle as well as create characters. Explore the world in Eminence and have fun doing something that will grab your interest.

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 War 2

War of Omens

Winning is your best bet if you want to increase your deck and make it better. If you work with the tutorial that’s offered it will help you in succeeding, after winning, you will be rewarded with cards, you will use these to mix and match those you already have.

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 Pokemon 2

Pokemon Trading Card Game

You are going to need some very good thought out strategic plans to keep up with the real life strategic elements that the “Pokemon Trading Card Game has been captured in this CCG. Even though it may take you weeks to master the best way to built up your deck, remember, strategy ensures victory!

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To win the TCG here in “Faeria” you will have to have some well thought out strategies.  Let’s put it another way, If you ‘re the kind of person that can come up with new ideas and new ways to do things, this will be a great TCG for you.

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 Astral Towers9

Astral Towers

Similar to “Puzzle Quest” the set mode in “Astral Towers” gives a world of interesting areas,  You  are given the opportunity to select the area you want to start your mission. You will complete a level, then continue to the next level. Or, you may decide to go with a one on one match against three different enemies.

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Heroes of the Realm

In the TCG of “Heroes of the realm” you are expected to protect all the homes in the realms, there are evil doers working on destroying all. You will also help to restore the realms from the damage already caused. It is the Heroes of the realm (which are made up from characters) that fight for the glory of the realm.

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Loosing your weakest cards in large quantities is going to gain you more power in one lump sum, by increasing your cards values it will make your deck become more powerful. Keep in mind that the value of each party will go up as you level up, so choose your cards carefully, using clear thought.

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ATCG that combines the love of a TCC’s imagination, with the toughest strategies out there. “Solforge: Trading Card Game” can be found online, and it is free to play. This TCG is great for the kids whether they are on the go, taking a trip, or just sitting at home. A terrific way to collect cards without cluttering your bedroom.

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A simple to learn TCG, extremely fun & exciting, it will make you want to keep going so you can become a “Spectromancer” master. Those who enjoy fighting others will totally love this CCG. You will be enabled to use your spells, and your magic to show who’s boss. Your creatures can even attack your opponents for you.

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