Games Like Kaijudo Online

Here is a list games that are similar to Kaijudo Online.


Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars now have animated cards, so you are going to see a difference in the decks right off the bat.  Infinity Wars considers this as there great first impression on you. There has been many improvements to Infinity Wars. You will notice many changes has been made as you go through the game.

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Are you looking for a TCG you can play online that is going to satisfy your desires?  Knowing there is a risk anytime you start a new TCG, especially when they are developed by an independent company; however, when you take into consideration Ederon’s percentage of rating high up there, you have no risk factors involved.

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This is a TCG where you are going to earn all of your equipment and your trading cards. Hex gives you the option to go at it alone or with others with 60 cards, and will have only one champion. You’ll use these cards to build a deck. Hex requires patience as you take turns drawing cards, using and putting spells on your opponents.

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 Order Chaos Duels12

Order Chaos Duels

Order Chaos Duels main focus is to use cards wisely, instead merely powering up. Offering what everyone has been wanting from these types of games, Order Chaos Duels has an exceptional appearance that is beautiful, something rarely found in collectible trading cards. Order Chaos Duels has the most amazing battle system.

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 Magic the Gathering12

Duels of the Planeswalkers

You will battle the enemies on your journey in “Duels of the Planeswalkers”. As you travel across many planes. Two of those planes are “Ravnica” and “Zendikar”. You will be faced with one enemy after another, remember, they are out to destroy you, so you need to think quick and take action.

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 Shadow Era5

Shadow Era

Those that found Magic: The Gathering interesting, will find “Shadow Era” totally intriguing! You want to climb the ladder until you get rankings to put you on the leader board, right? “Shadow Era” gives that chance! And not just put you there, but, put you in the number one position.

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A medieval, “Eredan” in TCG MMO. In the “Eredan” world it will be difficult to know who is your friend and who is not, this is a world of uncertainty. Previously ripped apart by a war, and now terrorized by creatures of the night. “Eredan” is waiting for on help to arrive, are you going to be there hero?

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Your journey in “Pokemon Card Trading begins with you picking the deck you think is best. You will have three starter packs to chose from. These three starter packs consist of a deck that has fire, another that has water, and a third that has plants, depending on which character you chose. The three characters are: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

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