Games Like Kingdoms CCG

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kingdoms CCG.

 Shadow Era5

Shadow Era

This Trading Card Game brings you easy gameplay, but with dynamics of deep strategy planning. Without creative planning of strategies, you will not get very far. Shadow Era allows you to collect cards, like other popular TCG’s such as Magic: The Gathering. Can you raise above the ranks to become number 1 on the leader board?

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 Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos brings you a multiplayer CCG with 4 class types to choose your hero from, Warrior, Ranger , Mage and Priest. Each class has their own unique set of skills and abilities that will help you during battles. Use equipment to help defent your hero, such as helmets, armor, weaponry and cloak’s.

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Join your friends in the Anime fantasy world known as Fantasica! With cool artwork, and unique gameplay, it’s a great place to spend time with friends. Challenge them for an epic battle and see who’s strategies are better as you defend your forces by air and ground. Can you keep the enemies from reaching their destination before it’s to late?

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is free to play, you join in a fantasy world of TCG and RPG. Challenge your friends, or make new friends while increasing your strength in numbers to defeat your enemies. You can even try going for the top spot on the leader board with multiplayer mode!

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 Infinity Wars4

Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars is a great trading card game for beginners or veteran gamers. You collect creature and spell cards to help you destroy your enemies. Each creature will have its very own abilities and skills and the more you play the more experience you will get to level up with.

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 Magic the Gathering11

Duels of the Planeswalkers

If you like Magic: The Gathering, then you will love Duels of the Planeswalkers, with over 250 cards to choose from and improve your starter deck. As you make your way through the adventurous TCG, you will increase your decks strength, and face deadly foes such as the dangerous Chandra Nalaar.

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