Games Like Kings and Legends

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kings and Legends.


Kaijudo Online

In this action packed TCG, Kaijudo Online will make sure that you will never have a dull moment. As long as you have some sort of internet connection you can play anywhere. Use spells and actions to defeat your foes in this free to play game. Follow the unique storyline and vanquish your enemies.

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Monster Paradise

Enjoy yourself as you create an amazing team with unique monsters in Monster Paradise. Capture and train your monsters to become the most powerful monsters. Fuse your monsters and use them to become the best monster trainer. Meet many different goals, improve your skills and battle your way to victory.

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Culdcept Saga

Roll the dice and battle creatures in Culdcept Saga. This Monopoly type card game will keep you interested. Each creature is different . As you make your way to becoming a Master Cepter, you will battle using your magical cards. Defeat numerous enemies and crush them with your powerful deck.

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Orions Legends of Wizards

Build and collect resources to construct basic and advanced structures. Orions Legends of Wizards is a unique strategy TCG that has you battle Orion Lords in the world of wizards. Fight using spells and monster cards. Each one of the monster cards will be equipped with different abilities and an amazing appearance.

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Heroes of the Realm

Create an army of heroes that will battle dangerous enemies. Heroes of the Realm will put you to the test when it comes to battles. Win cards during battles with other players or during your wars. Take on Angels and Demons that will jeopardize the balance of the Midland, Underworld, and Heaven.

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Avillum is a new browser based game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Become a gallant hero and try to defeat deadly creatures , all the while collect loot as you go. This TCG will bring out your competitve side as you battle friend and foe alike.

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Clash of the Dragons

Create a custom avatar and customize your game experience in Clash of the Dragons. Each deck of cards you have will contain many different dragon breeds. Move around the map and battle dragons and monsters. Win battles, gain loot, improve skills, and receive numerous other prizes. Take a journey as you become a Dragon Master.

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Immortalis is a new and epic battle game that is free to play on your Android or online. Play alone or compete with others to gain experience , stronger cards and lots of money. Journey on single player quests to earn loot quicker or join a guild to build more experience.

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Join in the fun with the best 2D fantasy war card game. Battle and destroy your each of your foes as the best warrior and challenge your fellow players to duels. Use your magical deck to become the last warrior standing. Play in the Eredan Arena on Facebook and show the globe what you are made of.

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Rise of Mythos

Journey through the land of Mythos and keep all the evil forces at bay. Fight your darkest enemies and keep them from getting into the city of Silver Heron Ridge. Challenge AI opponents and rise to the top of the Ascension Tower to become the greatest Hero of all time.

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Magnus Ignis

Be a king in a merged world and lead the greatest heroes , legends, and monsters in the world. Fight battles with Zeus and King Arthur and collect more cards for your deck as you build a pefect deck and strategies and gather the strength you will need to rule this amazing world in Magnus Ignis.

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Take a chance and join the ultimate social experience in Fatasica. Begin your quest in this role playing, card collecting, tower defense exciting adventure. Join forces with your friends to defeat the evil that threatens your world. Although Fatasica may look to be a beautiful world, it is a very dangerous place.

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Star Wars: Force Collection

This TCG combines your love for card games and Star Wars ! Collect blueprints to increase your deck strength and improve your battle formation. Learn exciting attack patterns, skills and attack ranges to be come victorious. Complete quests, join in on in-game events, and battle bosses. You will determine if you will join the dark side.

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Scrolls will have you begging for more and you will never be able to get enough. Build your card deck, play with confidences, and develop your strategies if you plan on winning. Battle AI opponents or other players for a chance to increase your experience.

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 Infinity Wars01

Infinity Wars

Change the way you play TCG’s. Play with new and creative animated decks in Inifinity Wars. You will notice its easy to play and will grab your interest throughout the game. Test yourself on the battlefield to become a winner. Battle your opponent, defeat them, and move forward in your journey.

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