Games Like Legends of Norrath

Here is a list of games that are similar to Legends of Norrath.


Infinity Wars

Forge your empire with claw and tooth, steel, deception, magic, honor, or sword in Infinity Wars. In this digital TCG, you will experience strategies like never before . Play on your tablet, desktop and even phone. Evolve your strategies as you defeat your enemies while you are on the go.

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War of Omens

Combine CCG and deck building mechanics and fast strategies. War of Omens is set in a dark world that shows military struggles and political issues between the three ruling factions. You will become a hero and use your mind to use tricks, spells, troops, and techniques to destroy your opponents.

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 Shadow Era4

Shadow Era

In this free to play CCG, you will battle strong opponents from around the world. Shadow Era will keep your mind constantly thinking. Choose a hero that suits your needs. Each hero will have its own set of abilities that will help you win wars over your opponents. Choose wisely.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers

Duels of the Planeswalkers takes Magic: The Gathering and creates a new digital world to play in. You collect powerful cards , battle strong opponents, play through the storyline, and fight your friends in this epic TCG. You will fall in love with the animated cards, unique characters, and the limitless possibilities. There is a whole new world for you to take on.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Take everything you love about World of Warcraft and throw in your traditional turn-based card game and you have Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Battle AI and real players from around the globe in 1v1 battles. Create your deck of deadly spells, strong minions, and great defensive cards. Enter a fantasy realm and become the keeper of your own destiny.

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Introducing Eredan, the ultimate 2D social fantasy game. Defeat strong opponents as the greatest warrior of all time and battle other players with your magical deck of cards. Earn powerful weapons and cast deadly spells to destroy any foe that stands in your way. Succeed in battle and become the Ultimate warrior.

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 Astral Towers9

Astral Towers

Enter a new fantasy realm where you can create strong building, summon your creatures, create special enchantments, and cast powerful spells to destroy your enemies. You are given five elements in your battles. Use Craft, Death, Ice, Fire, and Nature to be victorious. Play Astral Towers and defeat the evil forces that invade the peaceful people of the land.

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Take everything you love in a a CCG and add in turn-based strategies and you will have Solforge. Not only can you play this awesome game online, but take it mobile. Learn to build the strongest deck and play against your opponents in tournaments or challenge your friends to a battle of the wits. Collect cards, battle your enemies, and gain experience.

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A magical game that is full of magical fun. Spectromancer will give you five magical elements to use and you will be the fifth element. Use Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to create a powerful deck. Become a powerful mage out of six different classes. Will you be Death, Holy Power, Mechanics, Chaos, Control, or Illusions? Only you can decide which class is right for you.

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