Games Like Mighty Smighties

Here is a list of games that are similar to Mighty Smighties.


Monster Battles: TCG

Monster Battles: TCG gives you a familiar monster collecting and battling gameplay, just set as an online TCG. Collect monsters, improve them with magic stones, and develop strategies that make use of their individual elements, strengths, and skills. Build a team that will destroy all others, and that will prove you to be the best.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon has gained global fame and popularity. The Pokemon Trading Card Game just adds to that popularity. With it, you can collect cards of all of your favorite Pokemon, including special variations, and battle them against other people. Strategize, build a deck, and have the perfect team of Pokemon at your side.

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Mabinogi Duel

Your mission in Mabinogi Duel is to find the Holy Land. You want to become a full human once again, cleansing your character of his half elf nature. To do this, though, you need a good deck and strategy. You will use your cards to battle your way to your destination, taking out all who stand in your path.

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 Inspire example

HEX: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate comes from the developers who made the previous World of Warcraft trading card game. HEX, though, feels more like Magic: The Gathering than anything else. Even so, it still stands out and offers a unique, interesting experience that is sure to draw you in within moments of starting.

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 Legend of the Cryptids preview

Legend of the Cryptids

Legend of the Cryptids gives you a wonderful experience. The art is one of the most enchanting things about the entire game, and it continues to surprise you as you play. Along with the art, you have strategies deeply focused on your deck. Since battles are automatic, you need a good deck to win.

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Kingdoms CCG

There is no stopping you in Kingdoms CCG. From deck building to hero abilities, you can strategize your way and become a powerful force. Play with everything available to you to create an unbeatable strategy. No one will dare stand up when you are here, and those who do will not stand a chance.

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 Attack spells clashing with one another in Moonga.


In Moonga, you have your cards and battles, just as you would expect. It is a lot of fun and the battles are intense. What you might not expect, though, is the betting. Betting here is important as it will help you to trick the opponent. You have to play a bit of psychological warfare if you want to win your battles.

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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is an old title, but do not be fooled by it. While it has been online for a while now, its quality has remained excellent. It has high quality comic book inspired art, it has a betting feature that brings psychological warfare into the TCG universe, and it is a fun game to play overall.

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Josh started playing TCGs in second grade and collected Pokemon cards. He even went on a few tournaments and took a 5th place in European Pokemon championship. Later on he became obsessed with trading card games online. Josh believes there is always a way to win - by carefully planning ahead and predicting opponent's moves.

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