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Battles and Monsters

Battles and Monsters has a simple approach to trading card games. You collect your cards and then you go battle monsters. It is a fun, basic TCG that anyone can play. Whether you are young and new to the genre or older and want something scaled down, this is the perfect game to pick up.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Any fan of the Pokemon franchise knows the Pokemon Trading Card Game. With this game, you collect cards that have Pokemon and their moves and element, you build a deck, and you battle against others. With so many Pokemon, and so many variations on the cards, deck possibilities are nearly endless.

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 Deck manager

Mighty Smighties

Mighty Smighties is a trading card game directed at kids. It is easy to understand and pick up so a younger audience can get into it right away. It retains some strategic elements, though, so, if you are older, you can enjoy it. It is a great, fun game for all who love the trading card game genre.

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Mabinogi Duel

Your goal in Mabinogi Duel is to cure yourself of your half elf nature, once again becoming full human. To do this, you need to reach the Holy Land. Making it there, though, is difficult. You need a good deck and strategy if you are going to take down everyone who stands in your way.

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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals might get some weird looks because of its age, but make sure to play it first. It is an incredibly entertaining and exciting game. Its comic book inspired art has remained attractive, its psychological warfare was ahead of its time, and it has some excellent battles and features that keep the game interesting.

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 Chaos deck contents

Battle for Gea

With two main cards and several troops cards, you are going all out war in Battle for Gea. You will want to have the best cards possible, of course, but the options differ from normal trading card games. The layout, battles, and cards have changed here, which means you need a fresh approach to how you play.

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 More combat

HEX: Shards of Fate

From the same developer of the previous World of Warcraft trading card game comes HEX: Shards of Fate. It is already backed with huge community support, and it continues to meet expectations. It is a large, interesting universe with intense battles, beautiful artwork, and various strategic options available to you.

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 Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans can now battle using their own devices. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations puts the battles in the palm of your hands. Build a deck, collect cards, strategize, and go against difficult opponents. You have the experience that you have come to expect, and love, from this huge franchise. It is like reliving your childhood.

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Order & Chaos Duels

If you have ever played Order & Chaos games in the past, you probably love just about everything about them. Order & Chaos Duels is a game from them that gives you the quality you love, just in a new trading card game format. It is entertaining, challenging, and exciting from the moment you start your first deck.

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Playing Earthcore: Shattered Elements gives you the chance to build an incredible deck. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities thanks to card crafting. With these many options, you can build a deck and strategy that works with you in every way imaginable, making your attacks more effective than they have ever been before.

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Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG plays like many other trading card games out there. While the gameplay and features are rather similar to what you already know, the strategizing part of the game has changed. It is a game with more depth and that requires more of you. Strategists will find this a welcome challenge.

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With beautiful artwork and full, exciting battles, Moonga certainly does meet standards and expectations. It also gives you an amazing experience thanks to betting. The psychological warfare part of the game will drag you in and leave you wanting more of it. Every part of the experience is exciting throughout.

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 Duel of Champions1

Duel of Champions

Might & Magic has a huge following thanks to the quality of their games. In Duel of Champions, you have the same quality that you expect, just in a new trading card game. It gives you characters, deck building, PvP, and so much more. It is a beautiful game full of exciting features that you will love.

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 Dengen Chronicles12

Dengen Chronicles

Dengen Chronicles offers you a new way to battle. You will collect your cards as usual, though they differ from normal trading card game cards, and you will send them into the battlefield. That battlefield, though, is different from what you normally see and it requires a new type of strategy.

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 Booster packs

Fantasy Rivals

Playing Fantasy Rivals gives you the chance to experience a new type of trading card game. Along with card collecting, building a deck, and battling opponents, you also have to take into account betting. Betting brings psychological warfare into the mix, which means that a strong mind is just as important as a strong deck.

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