Games Like Nanofights

Here is a list of games that are similar to Nanofights.


Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars takes your favorite stuff about TCG’s and then makes it even better! It has a storyline and playing system that is unique in the genre. It’s easy to learn how to play for anyone, no matter what your previous experience with the TCG genre is. Infinity Wars will change the way you play.

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 War 3

War of Omens

War of Omens is played in-browser with a fantasy feel. It puts the player in the center of a grand war with things that have never before been seen. You have three fractions styles, each fraction has cards that are unique and allow you to put together strategies to defeat your opponents.

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 Shadow Era6

Shadow Era

Are you looking for a TCG similar to Magic: The Gathering, if so Shadow Era is for you. You can challenge opponents, increase in rankings on the leader board, battle people from all over the world! Shadow Era can be a little complex and has a learning curve, but that just adds to the experience.

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 Rise of Mythos14

Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos starts out with a tutorial getting you started, you pick your hero and begin to build your awesome deck. You will have to battle AI opponents within the Challenge Hall in order to improve your skills and make it to the very top of the Ascension Tower.

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 Magic the Gathering4

Duels of the Planeswalkers

This gives you an opportunity to experience Magic the Gathering in a brand new light. Duels of the Planeswalkers allows you to build your deck to be the greatest, battle deadly AI and PVP opponents, or take a chance and jump into the storyline. This a new world that is waiting for you to control!

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