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Combine your love of trading card games and strategies into one awesome game. Whether you are on the go or plan on staying in you can play Solforge. Log in on your mobile device for hours of fun. Collect unique and rare cards and battle all your friends and enemies.

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 Infinity Wars6

War of Omens

War of Omens will have you wanting to miss work. Collect powerful cards and battle your way to victory. Create and use one of a kind strategies to take down your adversaries. Choose a faction and take the world on. Join in on the battle and become a victorious warrior.

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 Shadow Era7

Shadow Era

Battle players from around the globe in Shadow Era. Get involved in this trading card game that uses intense strategies and powerful warfare. Collect cards and destroy enemies. Although the gameplay may look complex, it is simple to follow. You will defintately enjoy this game if you enjoyed Magic : The Gathering.

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Phantom Chronicle

Gather all your phantoms and collect unique skills as you play Phantom Chronicle. Battle your phantom creatures against other phantoms and gain experience as you win. Each one of your phantoms will have its own skills and abilities. The more you battle your phantoms, the higher the skill points earned.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Enjoy a new turn-based game that is all about strategy. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a great trading card game that was created by Blizzard. If you love World of Warcraft then you will certainly love this game. Defeat your adversaries in 1 on 1 battles. Gain experience, skills, and spells from winning battles.

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 Fantasy Rivals1

Fantasy Rivals

Fantasy Rivals is the new free to play online collectible card game. It has all your traditional style of cards but adds a certain twist that you will enjoy. Battle friends and family and take on opponents from all over the globe. Earn experience and skills from won battles.

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 Magic the Gathering10

Duels of the Planeswalkers

Magic : The Gathering has just entered the trading card game scene. Duels of the Planeswalkers has taken the world by storm. You will love the amazing graphics and the multiplayer universe. Battle friends and opponents , create an invinsible deck, play in the story mode, and gain experience  as you play.

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 Battle for Gea 5

Battle for Gea

Play the ultimate trading card game and enjoy the massive mulitplayer universe of Battle for Gea. Plan out powerful strategies, battle friends and foes from around the world, gain experience, level up skills, and much more. Battle for Gea will change the way you think and feel about trading card games.

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 Kingdoms CCG9

Kingdoms CCG

Travel through new areas, complete daily quests, battle friends, build a powerful deck, upgrade your heroes and never have enough time to do it all in Kingdoms CCG. This collectible card game will leave you breathless. Battle in PvP arenas and collect over 300 different cards and the list keeps growing.

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Berserk: the Cataclysm

Berserk : The Cataclsym will have you battling deadly enemies, taking control of foreign lands, and collecting a strong deck of cards. Go into battle with friends or other players or take a risk and play the story line. Increase your skills by winning battles and expland your lands to become the most powerful warrior.

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Blood Realm

Battle your way to becoming a champion in Blood Realm. You will build a strong deck of cards, create amazing strategies and learn as much as possible while you play. Play as a champion of the Gods who will turn on the Gods the first chance you get and destroy them.

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Spectromancer is a simple trading card game that is great for anyone. You can battle against friends or other people just using spells or your magic to destroy them. Call on your creatures to become the winner in battle. Master your spells and win every time you battle an opponent.

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Confrontation Web Card Game

This is a great trading card game for beginners or veteran players. Confrontation Web Card Game will teach you everything you need to know about the game. Collect a strong deck of cards and battle. Create amazing strategies and improve skills as you battle for victory. Gain experience and more when you play.

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 Fantasy Cards RT3

Fantasy Cards RT

Build your own deck of powerful cards in Fantasy Cards RT. This is an amazing trading card game that will have a blast with. Battle with friends or against them in this game. Take a chance and battle against the computer and create your own cards. You will need to use great strategies to become a winner.

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 Duel of Champions6

Duel of Champions

Pick your hero and create a strong deck of cards in Duel of Champions. Create four different armies and collect over 250 different cards. Battle against friends or players from around the world. Be sure to select cards that have great strengths and limited weaknesses. This is a trading card game is great for anyone.

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