Games Like Orions Legends of Wizards

Here is a list of games that are similar to Orions Legends of Wizards.


Mabinogi Duel

Your only goal in Mabinogi Duel is to cure your character of his half elf nature. He wants to go back to being a full human and he needs to get to the Holy Land to make that happen. Using strategies and your deck, you are going to get your character to his destination safely.

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Fantasica is a card collecting and tower defense game that gives you a true adventurer’s experience. Collect cards and go to battle, all while going on a massive journey. With art from a celebrated artist in the gaming community, it is certainly going to draw you in from first sight.

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Star Realms

Whether you are human or alien, Star Realms is the trading card game that you will love. It is based on the physical version of the game, offering new features that only an online TCG can. Fight with ships and structures in space, engaging in combat unlike anything you have ever seen in a TCG before.

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Spellcraft: Descent Into Chaos

For a game with options galore, you will want to pick up Spellcraft: Descent Into Chaos. Whether you prefer going full on with one player stories or you love the excitement of player versus player combat, this game has what you want. It is fun for any fan of the TCG genre.

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 Combat resolution

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Playing Battlegrounds of Eldhelm gives you a beautiful mix of trading card game and role playing game. You have all of the features and gameplay that you expect of a TCG, of course, combined with the leveling and character skills that you would normally only find in an RPG title.

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 Legend of the Cryptids preview

Legend of the Cryptids

Legends of the Cryptids offers both single player and player versus player options. You can focus on card battling and improving your deck so that you can destroy opponents in either. The battles are automatic, though, so there is not much for you to do when you are actually in battle.

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Order & Chaos Duels

If you, too, were caught in the popularity and excitement of Order & Chaos, you can continue its fun with Order & Chaos Duels. This is a trading card game set in the same universe, but with the features and gameplay of a TCG. It has the same quality you expect from the original game, too.

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Deck Heroes

Deck Heroes gives you the chance to go solo on your very own trading card game journey. Collect cards, play with the fusion feature, battle, and build up your deck. If you want to test yourself against other players, there is an option for that available when you enter the coliseum.

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 gbone game

Shadow Era

Shadow Era is a trading card game that gives you the chance to explore Balor, collect cards, and prove your worth in battle. Whether you want to go out on your own to complete quests or you want to go head to head against other players, you will find something to keep you interested here.

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