Games Like Pokemon Trading Card Game

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Forgotten Myths9

Forgotten Myths

From the developers, Anchora Games comes Forgotten Myths, a downloadable fantasy TCG that allows you to challenge others in a fun an exciting battle. You have daily quests that provide exp points, gold and you can win additional cards in duels. Still want more? Check out the monthly tournaments and ranking ladder.

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 Infinity Wars9

Infinity Wars

Introducing Infinity Wars, a TCG with unusual and unique gameplay mechanics that offer a fun and interesting time. The browser based fantasy world also has a fully animated playing deck so you can visually see what your hero or creatures are doing during battle. Join today for an experience that will last you a lifetime.

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 Power Rangers9

Power Rangers Online Card Game

In a fight between good and evil, you must help protect earth when it is treatened by evil forces. Rangers are a group that was choosen to protect Earth by the Gosei. While the rangers can do regular stuff like taking photography, to riding bikes, you are trained in martial arts.

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With solid gameplay dynamics and an uniqe twist to the TCG genre, Hex offers cards for adding sockets, and transformation! You build a deck of 60 cards and take turns to bring your oppents health from 20 to 0 in one of five ways. Including your resource cards, which provides your charge, resources an threshold.

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 Magic the Gathering6

Duels of the Planeswalkers

If you enjoyed playing Magic: The Gathering during your childhood, and still part of your life as an adult, Duels of the Planeswalkers is a MTG you can buy with the same feel as you’re used to. You have 250+ cards available to build your deck, battle and advance forward in the story.

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Kaijudo Online

From the developers who designed and developed Magic: The Gathering brings you a whole new TCG. Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters is not much different in gameplay mechanics, but offers much better graphics and detailed artwork. You have the three phases, Main, Attack and Manna being the more critical phase.

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Eredan brings you interesting card artwork and a great card selection with hundreds of cards for your taking. Choose cards between 10 character races such as Golem, Beast or Human, and 6 hero classes such as Mage or Warrior to build your invincible deck. Imagine your hero being a magic throwing Golem!

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 Duel of Champions10

Duel of Champions

Duel of Champions will keep you entertained for hours as you enter the powerful and magical world of card collecting greatness. While collecting and adding new and interesting cards to your deck, the social atmosphere allows you to meet new friends or play with current friends. Pick your hero and get started today!

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Although the trading of cards is a popular features sought after in TCG’s, one of the first things you will take notice to is the detailed artwork and card graphics. It mixes dark elements and color to create a world filled with mystery that is fun to look at. If you play for the art, you will love charater cards.

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Legends of Norrath

Play against evil in this free to play TCG where you have more than 350 cards to pick from. Defend Norrath in EverQuest 1 and 2 by creating a deck with 15 to 55 cards. As you start out, you will be battling along side your secret army, but you soon land in a messy situation.

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 Fantasy Rivals8

Fantasy Rivals

If you enjoyed Urban Rivals, then you will love Fantasy Rivals. A Card Collecting game from Boostr that provides you a fantasy world designed around heroes, creatures and of course magic! You have a start deck for common battles, a tutorial to get started and the dynamics of the usual gameplay.

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Do you dream about playing your best cards against your opponent in battle? Maybe creating new strategies is your best hobby? No matter what angle you prefer, Solforge has it. Available online and on mobile devices, you can carry Solforge in your pocket and battle when ever you feel the urge.

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 Card Hunter3

Card Hunter

Card Hunter introduces a twist on the CCG genre by combining the classic card collecting dynamics with video game graphics, and to make it even better it’s free to play! The story line will rope you in, with many types of pro skills and a theme of classic RPG, you won’t want to stop playing.

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 Nightbanes 10


A virtual tabletop style TCG that features a mix of dark creatures, dark arts, quests and more. Join for free, because it’s easy to learn it’s good for all ages. You start with a deck, then as you play you will gain additional cards to make your deck more personal and powerful.

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 Urban Rivals6

Urban Rivals

This is a browser based TCG that offers lots of eye candy with high detailed graphics. The cards, screen and overall artwork is enough to grab your attention. When you add the dynamic gameplay in, you have a great game that you and all your friends will really enjoy playing.

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