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Here is a list of games that are similar to Power Rangers Online Card Game.

Pokemon 6

Pokemon Trading Card Game

“Pokemon TCG” has two ways for you to build your deck up. One of is by challenging others from around the world, and the other you will find along the way to the eight card clubs; it will be with Professor Mason. The “Pokemon TCG” gives you the opportunity to collect over two-hundred cards.

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“Kaijudo Online” has three phases; (The Manna Phase) When you lose a card to raise your Manna points. (The Main Phase) when you call a creature or cast a spell. (The Attack Phase) when you can attack your opponent directly without around to stop you or get in your way, and no interruptions.

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Create your deck of characters and spells to go up against your enemies in battle, this can be done in a similar fashion as a physical TTG.  In “Eredan” when you fight a battle, it is till death. Each time you win a match and participate in tournaments you upgrade your hero.

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 Infinity Wars11

Infinity Wars

The TCG “Infinity Wars” is a lot more complicated than normal. It is going to be so different as you come across such difficulties never encountered before. This is truly an amazing world. You’re going to desperately need more strategy ideals for this one! Let’s just say it; think of a new way to get through this “Infinity Wars.”

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 Forgotten Myths4


In “Forgotten Myths” you have the choice to create or develop your deck, and you can start the TCG with twenty life points. Here is how the attack zone cards work: It represents cavalry, archers, dragons, assassins and also many others. They can be positioned in 1 of the 6 open slots on your board.

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 Magic the Gathering4

Duels of the Planeswalkers

While you are in the “Duels of the Planeswalkers” face off with others for a real challenge. It might be worth it to you to figure out how they built their decks. In order to move to the top you will have to make your deck as strong as possible, and have great strategies.

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Here are the five ways in “Hex” to use to bring your opponents life down from twenty to zero: 1.. Resource: gives you change, resources. 2.. Artifact: can act in many ways. 3.. Troop: a form of aggression, are assigned to defend. 4.. Constant.: similar to action, persists until removed. 5.. Action.: turn the tide of a battle.

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Cabals: The Card Game

“Cabals: The TCG has set some new standards for online TCG’s, it will be worth your time to look in on it. Remember, the cards are not just valuable for what they can do, but also for their location on the board. You will find  new dimensions in “Cabals: The TCG.

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Legends of Norrath

In “Legends of Norrath” you will stumble upon people that make you an offer, to fight with them against the bad. If you help them you will be helping to protect Norrath from doomed. There are four different Archetypes in the “Legends of Norrath”, Scout, Fighter, Mage, and a Priest.

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In “Solforge” there is no tie limits; and you can get involved almost anywhere you go. Simply being here can earn you more cards. Isn’t that great ? You can download this TCG online through various stores., and it is free to play. When you first begin you get two decks of free cards.

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 Duel of Champions6

Duel of Champions

When you are in “Duel of Champions” you for sure want to have your deck already built up deck, it will  need to be very strong and powerful to bring down your enemies points; which you want to be able to do before they can bring yours down. You will all the resources you can get.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

When you begin “Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft” you will be allowed to pick on of the available classes. Each class represents a different starter deck, and specializes in a certain ability. Example: If you choose Hunter, it will allow you to shoot all the way across the board, and if you pick Mage, you can shoot fireballs.

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 Dengen Chronicles4

Dengen Chronicles

In the “Dengen Chronicles” there is a place called Manga, and you are going to hear the sounds of clashing swords as a result of the terrific designing in sounds effects. This story is going to have you hopping, with the constant changes, in the mean time you will be listening to those incredible sound effects in the background.

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Unlike other TCG’s in “Ederon” there are eight different classes to choose a hero from. The class has their individual ability to do something special. While one may have weapons, another helps with spells and weaknesses. There is also a class that helps you with strategies. “Ederon” is downloadable and free to play.

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 Nightbanes 10


“Nightbanes” is great for beginners. There are three different decks to choose your starter  pack from, each having their own advantages. Choosing your deck should be done carefully, or it could affect your upcoming quests. Learn your cards, and what they can do for you; what are their uses, and their special effects.

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