Games Like Rise of Mythos

Here is a list of games that are similar to Rise of Mythos.

Kings and Legends1

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is an energizing card-based MMORPG that sets you against the evil powers. Assemble a deck with different creatures and legends, use their energy to fight off the invasions of your lands. Equip your heroes with an assortment of items, and exchange other players for different cards. Work your way through the convincing storyline, or bounce into an the arena to battle other players.

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This amazing online TCG, will have you getting into the game. Transform into a gallant legend and endeavor to annihilate evil creatures, in the meantime gather loot as you go. This TCG will bring out your competitive side as you battle against your foes.

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Star Wars: Force Collection

This TCG will combine your adoration for card games and Star Wars! Gather blueprints to build your deck quality and enhance your fighting skills. Learn interesting assault techniques, skills and assault ranges to be come triumphant. Complete missions, join in on in-game events, and fight bosses. You will figure out whether you will join the Dark Side.

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Kaijudo Online

Unleash your energy in Kaijudo Online. Play with companions or without anyone else present with the advanced deck you are given. Make a stronger deck by gathering more animal cards. Fight your adversaries alongside the powers of Light, Darkness, Nature, Water and Fire. The more you win, the more experience and cards you will get.

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 Infinity Wars01

Infinity War

Change the way you play TCG’s. Play with new and imaginative  decks in Infinity Wars. You will recognize that its not difficult to play and will snatch your enthusiasm all throughout the game. Test yourself on the combat zone to turn into a victor. Fight your rival, destroy them, and push ahead in your adventure.

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Clash of the Dragons

Make a custom avatar and alter your game involvement in Clash of the Dragons. Each  deck of cards you have will contain numerous distinctive dragon breeds. Move around the map and fight monsters and beasts. Win fights, collect and plunder, enhance skills, and get various different prizes. Take an excursion as you turn into a Dragon Master.

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Monster Paradise

Have fun as you make an astounding team with exceptional creatures in Monster Paradise. Catch and train your beasts to turn into the most influential creatures. Fuse your creatures and use them to turn into the best monster trainer. Meet numerous distinctive goals, enhance your abilities and fight your way to the top.

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Magnus Ignis

Be a lord in a combined world and lead the best legends, heroes, and creatures on the planet. Battle with Zeus and King Arthur and gather more cards for your deck as you construct a perfect deck, methods and assemble the power you will need to lead this stunning world in Magnus Ignis.

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 Orions Legend Of Wizards4

Orions Legends of Wizards

Assemble and gather different resources to develop advanced and fundamental structures. Orions Legends of Wizards is an exceptional strategy TCG that has you fight Orion Lords in the realm of wizards. Battle utilizing spells and beast cards. Every one of the beast cards will be outfitted with distinctive capacities and an astounding appearance.

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Culdcept Saga

Fight creatures against creature in Culdcept Saga. Utilize an assortment of items and spells to scatter your adversaries. Your magical cards will direct your voyage as your hero moves his way across the game board. Shroud him in protective caps, gloves, skills and armor. Demolish malicious forces and turn into a Master Cepter.

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Take a risk and join a definitive social environment in Fatasica. Start your journey in this card gathering, role-playing, tower safeguard escapade. Unite with your companions to annihilate the malevolence that undermines your world. In spite of the fact that Fatasica may look to be a delightful world, it is an exceptionally risky spot

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Heroes of the Realm

Make a multitude of heroes that will fight perilous foes. Heroes of the Realm will put you under serious tests when it comes to battles. Win cards from fights with different players or from your wars. Join Angels and Demons that will risk the balance of the Midland, Underworld, and Heaven.

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Immortalis is an epic fight game that is you can play on your Android or on the web. Play alone or with rivals to increase experience, gain stronger cards and heaps of cash. Travel on single player journeys to gain rewards faster or join a guild to receive more experience.

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Become dependent on new and energizing Trading Card Game. Scrolls will have you asking for more and you will never be able to play enough. Create your card deck, play with confidence, and create your techniques,  if you decide to be a winner. Fight AI rivals or different players for an opportunity to expand your experience.

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Be totally submerged in an all new MMOTCG that will make you have the best time of your life. Play with and against your companions as you fight for command. Pick who you will be. Will you be a Warrior, a Mage, A Priest, Craftsman, or the cranky Marauder?

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