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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

“Hearthstone: Heroes of Norrath” is a TCG of strategy, recently released by Blizzard. It was designed with the World of Warcraft game in mind. This TCG allows you to build your deck, so you will want to really strong minions, and a lot of spells, and don’t forget to get those defensive cards as you’re going to need them.

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Legends of Norrath

Legends of Norrath will keep you on your toes with excitement in every stage. You have a secret army, and they are going to help you keep order, and fight off evil doers. You will spend some time locked up on the Plane of Justice in the middle of your battles.

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“Solforge” was designed in a single player mode for you to be able to practice. You will be able to learn about your strategies and  combinations before actually fighting other. There is a practice area, there you will be taught which actions you will need, and choose where you are going.

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 Shadow Era4

Shadow Era

In “Shadow Era” you will battle players from all over the world using very extensive strategies of warfare, defeating or being defeating till the end. Your deck of cards will be complicated if you have built it up to be strong and powerful, make sure you fully understand how to use them.

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Duel of Champions

“Duel of Champions” was designed to battle with your cards, defeating your opponents. So, before you begin you are going to choose the cards needed for your deck. Read the strengths and weaknesses of each card, checking carefully  the different actions each of the cards perform. you have 250 cards to choose from.

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 Fantasy Rivals3

Fantasy Rivals

When you inter the Game play of “Fantasy Rivals” be prepared; Your deck of cards should be strong and powerful, have keep in mind the strategies you plan on using, and last but not least; how you plan on mixing your cards to create the different actions they will do for you.

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Blood Realm

You are the champion of Ra in the TCG “Blood Realm”. The story behind the TCG “Blood Realm” is that; it was all about the Gods, and how humans became their champions. When there was a God named Ra, who decided to make you his champion, and that made other Gods want to do the same.

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Here at “Nightbanes” online you can go through a tutorial, if you are new to TCG’s it would benefit you. The tutorial is a good way to get you started. Should you decide you would like to try the tutorial there are three different decks to choose from for your starter deck.

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In the TCG “Hex” you start by building your deck consisting of 60 cards, and one champion. Each opponent will take turns drawing, casting spells, while they are using their resources. You goal is to bring your opponents life from twenty (20) down to zero (0). There are five ways to go about doing that.

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Infinity Wars

You will have no problem learning how this game works, you will pick up on it soon enough, and when you do your going to get that excitement that keeps you coming back. It doesn’t matter if you are an old member of the TCG or a newbie, something here is going to rub you the right way.

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Duels of the Planeswalkers

“Duel of the Planeswalkers” is a TCC on video that anyone can purchase. It gives you new and exciting ways to experience MTG for yourself. Here you are going to have the opportunity to battle deadly enemies, and you can move on through the story to go up against your friends.

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Cabals: The Card Game

“Cabals: The Card Game is playable on a iPhone, iPad, or Android devices and browsers. You can’t be steered wrong by choosing this stunning piece of art, and wonderful mechanics, it even has instant multi-playing action! It has a terrific mode that lets you know if there is new cards out with regular updates.

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Forgotten Myths

This TCG is far from having simplified plans, Anchora made it much more competitive, making you need more strategic planning, and gave it a very complicated set-up. This TCG welcomes beginners, and loves to see those vintage members come back for more. “Forgotten Myths” has been designed to give you more competition.

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You are now able to go online and download TCG’s and share with people around the world. When in “Faeria” take a close look at the artwork, it is intriguing the way they use color to create the creatures, and other magnificent images. Notice how the characters appearance makes contact with you.

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 Order Chaos Duels3

Order Chaos Duels

In “Order Chaos Duels” you need to come prepared. You will need to know a head of time the strategies your planning to use, what the outcome of those strategies are going to be, and a deck of cards with strength and power behind them. Sometimes you may come up with a good strategy on the spur of the moment.

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