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Here is a list of games that are similar to Scrolls.

Kings and Legends8

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is an invigorating card-based MMORPG that sets you against the evil powers. Create a deck with diverse legends and creatures, utilize their energy to battle off the attacks of your lands. Furnish your heroes with various items, and trade different players for better cards. Jump into the  persuading storyline, or hop  into the arena to fight fellow players.

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This amazing online TCG , will have you getting into the game. Transform into a gallant legend and endeavor to annihilate evil creatures , in the meantime gather loot as you go. This TCG will bring out your competitve side as you battle against your foes.

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 Culdcept Saga7

Culdcept Saga

Roll the dice and fight magical beasts in Culdcept Saga. This Monopoly sort card game will keep you intrigued. Every beast is diverse . As you go to become a Master Cepter, you will fight utilizing your supernatural cards. Rout various foes and squash them with your capable deck.

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 Rise of Mythos11

Rise of Mythos

Enter a Multiplayer world where you will fight the forces of evil to keep your lands safe. Rise of Mythos is a great twist on your average trading card games. Battle against AI adversaries in the Challenge Hall or fight your way to the top of the Ascension Tower for rare items. Take a risk and duke it out in the arena against fellow players.

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Heroes of the Realm

Play Heroes of the Realm and join in the battle of Good VS Evil. You will help in epic battles against Angels and Demons, fight your friends, and gain experience, skills, and rewards as you travel throught the realms. Collect cards and upgrade their skills and battle other players for better cards.

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 Kingdoms CCG8

Kingdoms CCG

Collect over 20 different hero cards in Kingdoms CCG. This collectable card game will allow you to create custom battle decks, upgrade your heroes, battle other players in PvP arenas, and collect unique skill cards. Travel through the different areas and complete daily quests to earn special upgrades and experience.

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Enter a land of fantasy in Faeria. Collect special creature cards and battle friends and foes for a chance to earn rare items and spells. You will journey on an adventure in a new world and be challenged to use your imagination. Develop strategies that will have your adversaries crying like babies.

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 Card Hunter3

Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a unique trading card game based on the roots of Dungeons & Dragons. Collect and build a powerful deck of cards and be sure to stop by and talk to Gary, the dungeon master for a good laugh. Make your way around the world in Card Hunter.

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Kaijudo Online

If you loved playing Magic : The Gathering then you will definitely love Kaijudo Online. With its stunning graphics and three separate stages, your game play experience will positively surpass any of your expectations. Revel in combating till possibly you or your rival loses every one of the 32 cards in the deck that has been made, take a risk and battle with your wits.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Grab your starter deck and join in on the fun in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Each hero has its own abilities and class. Pick a hunter and shoot your enemies from across the board and summon super strong animals than other classes.

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Cabals: The Card Game

Cabals : The Card Game is unlike any other trading card game. This game is perfectly made for Androids, iPads, and iPhones as well as your PC/MAC browsers. Collect amazing cards that have in-detail graphics and battle opponents anywhere in the world. The automatic match feature will be something you love so you don’t have to constantly wait for an opponent.

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Take a risk and join a definitive social environment in Fatasica. Start your journey in this card gathering, role-playing , tower safeguard escapade. Unite with your companions to annihilate the malevolence that undermines your world.

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 Infinity Wars6

Infinity Wars

Play Infinity Wars and change the way you play. The animated cards will keep you in awe and the graphics will amaze you. Battle your way through your enemies without blinking. Challenge yourself against numerous deadly foes and earn experience and rewards. Enjoy the storymode and have fun that will last a lifetime.

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 Star Wars12

Star Wars: Force Collection

This TCG will combine your adoration for card games and Star Wars! Gather blueprints to build your deck quality and enhance your fighting skills. Learn interesting assault techniques, skills and assault ranges to become triumphant. Complete missions, join in on in-game events, and fight bosses.

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Towers: Archmage war

Defend and destroy your enemies towers in Towers : Archmage War. Develop a unique strategy and find out what is right for you in this awesome trading card game. Strengthen your army with amazing hero cards and improve your tower defenses. Use the cards that you draw to defeat your enemies and take down their towers.

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