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Here is a list of games that are similar to Spectromancer.

Astral Towers12

Astral Towers

Enjoy the game where you can build buildings, create enchantments, cast spells, summon creatures and destroy your enemies. In Astral Towers you will use five magic elements during your battles. Use ice, craft, fire, nature and death to win each battle you will encounter.

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Choose your elemental, build a superior deck, and demolish any foe that stands in your way of victory. Elements is a new type of TCG that mainly focuses on elementals. The elementals rule the world and with your help they will control different elements.

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Duel of Champions

Select your hero and defeat evil in Duel of Champions. Collect over 250 cards to create the most powerful army. Choose from strengths, weaknesses, and abilities for each card. In this magical universe you will battle, succeed and meet friend along the way.

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 Shadow Era10

Shadow Era

Damage your opponent and enjoy the popular TCG, Shadow Era. Use only 6 cards to destroy your foe and improve your strengths. The higher the casting strength, the more damage you will deal. Create your account and prove that you have the strongest deck of all!

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Duels of the Planeswalkers

Experience Magic: The Gathering in a whole new light. Duels of the Planeswalkers give you everything that MTG offers but in a virtual setting. Build your deck and battle strong opponents, work your way through the story and fight against your friends. There is a whole world that is waiting on you to take control.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Welcome to a new and exciting turn-based TCG that is created by Blizzard.  If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, then you will love Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Build up your deck of deadly minions, defense cards, and spells and battle various opponents in 1v1 battles. Pick your class and ensure your victory.

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Culdcept Saga

Battle monsters against monsters in Culdcept Saga. Use a variety of items and spells to disperse your enemies. Your magic cards will guide your journey as your hero moves his way across the board. Cloak him in helmets, gloves, skills and armors. Destroy evil and become a Master Cepter.

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If you want to succeed in Faeria, then you will need to put your mind to use. Plan each move and destroy your enemies before they even know what has hit them. Use different creatures, spells and resources to move through your foes like air. Think ahead and enjoy the world of Faeria.

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Hex is one of the best MMOTCG that has unique features and creatures like no other. As you play, you will earn cards and equipment. Gather your cards and transform or socket them to make them more powerful. This online TCG will have you making friend, playing in groups, and quite possibly creating a very powerful deck.

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Practice the dark arts and summon dark creatures in Nightbanes. Use your cards to battle it out as you go through a series of quests. Create the most powerful deck and strategically destroy enemies. Win and become the greatest. Drown yourself in the addictive qualities of Nightbanes.

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Join the fast paced environment of BattleCraft. Become a commander and lead your army of mythical creatures and heroes in to battle. Play in co-op raids and walk away with tons of loot or try your hand at the PvP Arenas. Build your deck with over 400 different cards and battle in PvE campaigns.

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Towers: Archmage war

Challenge yourself in Towers: Archmage War. Battle your opponents and become a champion. In order to win, push yourself beyond the limits you have and juggle various tasks and quests inside this game. Battle AI and other players to a battle of the wits. Succeed and gain experience and more.

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Become completely immersed in an all new MMOTCG that will cause you to have the best time of your life. Play with and against your friends as you battle for domination. Choose who you will be. Will you be a Warrior, a Mage, A Priest, Craftsman, or the ill-tempered Marauder?

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Kaijudo Online

Unleash your power as you create a stronger deck by collecting more creature cards. Play with friends or by yourself with the digital deck you are dealt. Battle your enemies along with forces of Light, Darkness, Nature, Water and Fire. The more you win, the more cards and experience you will receive.

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Enter a new world that combines the traditional TCG’s with the all the convenience of mobile and online gaming. Solforge is free to play and you will be able to grow your collection just by playing. Build your own decks, play against friends, compete in tournaments, and explore in the campaign mode.

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