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Here is a list of games that are similar to Urban Rivals.


Fantasy Rivals

The hero cards in “Fantasy Rivals” has their own values for attack, and there are abilities and bonuses each hero card possesses. Naturally, in the strategy of an attack you would want to be more powerful than your opponents. You can use Mana to boost your attack values. Mana will also activate bonuses.

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Card City Nights

“Card City Nights” is going to have things that may come as a surprise to you. What makes Card City Nights” stand out is unique appeal it has, and the surprises it has in store for you. “Card City Nights” will fit all your needs of a collecting trading card online.

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The cards in “JollyGrim” are easy to understand because they are self-explanatory, each of them will let you know what it can do for you, by letting you know the extent of damage it can do to your opponent. You are going to enjoy yourself in the process of “JollyGrim” for it rewards you with plenty of excitement.

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Rage of Bahamut

Original collectible trading cards “Rage of Bahamut” is playable on your Android, as well as your iOS. This is a fantasy based adventure with all the excitement and action you will need to keep yourself entertained. You will find the cards of  “Rage of Bahamut” to have such spectacular details, that building your deck will be so interesting you will come back again, and again.

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 Dengen Chronicles10

Dengen Chronicles

In a world of Manga comes the wonderful “Dengen Chronicles.” You can find it online, and it’s free to play. Because of its duel capacity for strategy, and gives you the ability to role play; it is considered an original. “Dengen Chronicles” was the first of its kind to combine TCG and RPG together with Manga’s great elements.

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Battle with “Fantasica’s” collectible trading cards. A little bit of a twist; using your own strategies you must place the cards in a position that will allow you to defend the tower from the air and the ground both. The order your cards are put together is what gives them different strengths and weaknesses.

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Monster Paradise

If you enjoy exploring, and gathering monsters “Monster Paradise” is for you. Not only does it give you chances to explore and collect some monsters, but it offers you much, much more. With “Monster Paradise” you are going to have so many things to do that you are not apt to get bored.

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 Pokemon 4


In the “Pokemon Trading Cards” after you choose your cards you will start your long journey to the eight card clubs. The eight card clubs is where you will need all those skills, and a strong deck; this is where you will do battle. You will battle at each of the eight card clubs to defeat their leaders.

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Rise of Mythos

“Rise of Mythos” offers instructions, you will find a tutorial at the beginning which gives you step by step what to do. The instructions are will help out if you are new to the land of Mythos. There are many tricks to help in defeating others, and tips for gaining experience.

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Having terrific graphics and a solid set-up has made “Alteil” an incredible online game. The graphics has been designed by famous artists from Japan, and newly translated from Japan knowledge. These artists have worked with the graphics of Manga and Anime, among many others. They have also designed the graphics of many video games.

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Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the Realm can be found online, and is free to play. This is a browser based online TCG. A game of fighting, that uses cards to go up against others. Your army of heroes are made from the cards you have collected. You can win another card each time you win a fight.

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Gang Domination

This is card trading in the underworld. It is socially challenging, and very dangerous. “Gang Domination” lets you conquer the most ruthless and powerful gang members in the underground world. This is where you are going to find the gang bosses hiding out. The one with the most power will survive.

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 Guardian Cross2

Guardian Cross

The setting of the “Guardian Cross” is in grasslands that cover large areas. These areas have wintry tundra’s in some areas, and volcanic mountains in other parts of it. You will be doing a lot of hunting in the Northern Cross’s hunting grounds, using a rifle. You can catch the Guardians with an enchanted rifle.

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Deity Wars

Deity Wars is an online TCG, which you can play for free. In this TCG you will collect cards and build the most powerful deck possible. Mix your cards carefully, put them together in ways that will give them extra strength and power. You are going to have to be prepared as you send them out to battle and defeat your opponents.

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Pirate Maidens

For 17 years old and up due to some graphic contents. You can download the “Pirate Maidens” and it is free to play. The setting of this TCG takes place on the open sea, and with the some help from your drunken ship mates you’ll set out to fight the other competitive pirates.

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