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Here is a list of games that are similar to Urban Rivals.


Card City Nights

“Card City Nights” is going to have things that may come as a surprise to you. What makes Card City Nights” stand out is unique appeal it has, and the surprises it has in store for you. “Card City Nights” will fit all your needs of a collecting trading card online.

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Battle with “Fantasica’s” collectible trading cards. A little bit of a twist; using your own strategies you must place the cards in a position that will allow you to defend the tower from the air and the ground both. The order your cards are put together is what gives them different strengths and weaknesses.

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 Pokemon 4

Pokemon Trading Card Game

In the “Pokemon Trading Cards” after you choose your cards you will start your long journey to the eight card clubs. The eight card clubs is where you will need all those skills, and a strong deck; this is where you will do battle. You will battle at each of the eight card clubs to defeat their leaders.

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Rise of Mythos

“Rise of Mythos” offers instructions, you will find a tutorial at the beginning which gives you step by step what to do. The instructions are will help out if you are new to the land of Mythos. There are many tricks to help in defeating others, and tips for gaining experience.

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Josh Keyes
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Josh started playing TCGs in second grade and collected Pokemon cards. He even went on a few tournaments and took a 5th place in European Pokemon championship. Later on he became obsessed with trading card games online. Josh believes there is always a way to win - by carefully planning ahead and predicting opponent's moves.

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