Games Like War Metal: Tyrant

Here is a list of games that are similar to War Metal: Tyrant.


Urban Rivals

From comic book art to psychological warfare, there is a reason Urban Rivals has stayed so popular for years now. It continues to go strong, bringing in attention from all types of players. It offers everything you want in a TCG along with features and advantages you rarely ever see.

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Star Realms

Based on the trading card game of the same name, Star Realms throws you into a science fiction universe. Here, you have ships and structures, and you are going to choose from a human or alien race. With everything ready, you will had to battle in the stars. It is a unique and exciting take on a popular genre.

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Infinity Wars

Anyone who feels dragged down by the monotonous, never changing trading card games out there will love Infinity Wars. It is a TCG that completely innovates the game. It brings you new features and improvements that add style, a better layout, and improved performance and gameplay. It will reignite your love with this genre.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft fans should already know about Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. It is a hugely popular TCG based in the same universe as WoW. If you do not know about it, it is worth checking out. It has already become one of the top trading card games on the market today.

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 Combat resolution

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Trading card games rarely see any change, especially with the amount out there. Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is different, though. It gives you a TCG mixed with RPG elements. You have leveling and skill building typically not available in these games, giving you more options for growth and developing unique strategies.

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Mabinogi Duel

To go back into being a human, your character needs to make it to the Holy Land. Getting there is not as easy as going for a walk, however. Mabinogi Duel has you facing off against various opponents using cards. To win these battles, you will need a deck of your own and strategies.

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 Place squad

Berserk: Universe

Berserk: Universe offers a unique take on trading card games. Most of it is similar to what you already know in this genre. You will collect cards and use them strategically to take out opponents. However, the board game feel with the combat adds a new level to the strategy here.

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War of Omens

Choose your faction and head right into War of Omens. It is a trading card game that you can begin playing immediately. After choosing your faction, of which there are a few, you can build your strategies around the cards and then face off against other factions to test your skills.

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Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is not about mindless action or doing basic tasks. It is more about developing detailed, full strategies that you can use to dominate in the field. With a variety of options available that boost your strategizing, this is a lot easier to manage than you might think. It will awake the strategist in everyone.

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 Dungeon raid

Summoner’s Legion

From intense battles to a variety of options, Summoner’s Legion makes you rethink trading card games as a whole. It is a game full of opportunities and action, enough for any fan. Whether you are new to the genre or are a longtime fan, this is the perfect title to pick up.

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 Alternate costumes for characters

Card Hunter

Card Hunters mixes two of the most popular games in existence: Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. It does so beautifully, too. What you have is a card collecting game where you battle on a tabletop. This presents new challenges and strategies unique to this title, perfect for longtime fans.

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