Hearthstone’s Top 10 Fun, Weird, and Amazing Combos and Synergies

When playing Hearthstone, the best moments come from pulling off great card combinations. These are the memorable moments that you can share with your friends and attempt to recreate in future games. This is where a lot of the fun in Hearthstone lies for me.

That is why I have prepared a list of my favorite unusual combos and synergies. Some of these took a while to play just right!

(10) Mal’Ganis and the Imps

1 - Mal Ganis and the Imps

Mal’Ganis is far from a usual sight in the world of Hearthstone since Demon decks gained in popularity. He is one of the stronger Legendaries, making the Hero invincible (Hero power stops hurting the face), buffing all Demons on the player’s side as well as being the usual Legendary power house – a 9/7 body is a pretty scary sight if you don’t have a Big Game Hunter ready.

A common combo is to use Voidcallers to bring in Mal’Ganis early, creating a strong threat before an opponent has the chance to counter it. I opted to show a different side to Mal’Ganis – the synergy between Mal’Ganis and Imps. There are several ways to bring in Imps – Imp-losion is one, Imp Gang Boss another, and both of them are strong cards found commonly in Demon and Zoo decks.

Now for the fun part! Imps are Demons, and the buff from Mal’Ganis applies to them too. Planning carefully, you can get a board full of 3/3s instead of the usual 1/1s. In order to make this effect happen, I opted for a deck combining Handlock with a few choice Demons, a deck I found to be surprisingly effective.

(9) The Ultimate Buff

2 - The Ultimate Buff

I am a big fan of Paladins – you can tell by the golden character in the screenshot. Paladin is my only golden Hero and by far my favorite class to play. I try to play him in every conceivable way and tend to spend most time on the Ladder with him.

In order to show off Paladin’s ability to buff Minions, thus creating an opportunity for the Ultimate Buff, I threw all usable buffs into a bag, spiced things up with the addition of Hobgoblins, and gave it all a shake. Hobgoblin goes well with Minions that have 1 attack power – I especially like unleashing him before Minions like Echoing Ooze (double buff), Annoy-o-Tron (Divine shield) or Flying Machine (Windfury).

Add to that a Sword of Justice (which synergizes with Hobgoblin – the Hobgoblin effect goes first) and numbers are jumping up all over the board, making your opponent’s eyes spin like a carousel. If you were wondering, the screenshot shows what will soon be 4 Echoing Oozes, each of them at least a 5/6!

(8) Leaping Mechs

3 - Leaping Mechs 1 4 - Leaping Mechs 2

Even though this synergy only made it to the 8th spot (the competition was fierce), this is one of my favourite combos on the list. A Mech Hunter build will surprise most people even more than an unexpected pregnancy would.

I had a shocking amount of success with the deck – in my first three games I beat a Facehunter (who started off with a ‘well played’ emote as soon as I dropped the first Mech, only to be beaten 7 turns later), Hybrid Hunter, as well as a Tempo Mage. The strategy was simple – getting board presence, dropping as many Mechs as possible, then throwing in a Metaltooth Leaper. Best results came off dropping a Mechwarper on turn 2.

(7) The Ultimate Weapon Combo

5 - The Ultimate Weapon Combo

Blingtron 3000 and Harrison Jones go together like fire and gasoline. Add in a Captain Greenskin on the next turn and you get the Ultimate Weapon Combo.

The Hearthstone gods were kind to me – they gave my opponent a weapon with 4 duration (that’s 4 cards drawn thanks to Harrison Jones) and they provided me with a weapon that was boosted by a Mech on board, a function silently provided by the Blingtron 3000 I played earlier.

(6) Enrage Me Please

7 - Enrage Me Please

There is a large number of Enrageable Minions in Hearthstone, as well as other Minions who benefit from being injured (looking at you Dragon Egg). Add in Warrior, a character with several ways of dealing damage to the entire Board, and we have a match made in heaven… a very masochistic heaven.

The screenshot shows me playing a Freeze Mage, which is good and bad. Good that I am playing a Mage – the Hero power won’t do much good against me, but bad that I am playing against an archetype built around surviving for a long time and dealing lots of AOE damage.

Things don’t go very well for me, but there’s a lot of Enraging, Whelps jumping out of Dragon Eggs, brave Charges… You get the picture. Or the screenshot. Or something…

(5) The Angry Chicken

8 - The Angry Chicken

When playing Hearthstone, there is only one chicken worth mentioning and that’s the Angry Chicken. It’s a card that I successfully use to put the fear of God into people. One Angry Chicken on the board and opponents start conceding like their house is on fire. My buddy Gordon (‘acidscum’ on Twitch) put me up to this – he pisses off his opponents by playing an Angry Chicken in a modified Grim Patron deck.

Angry Chicken’s +5 attack from being Enraged is such a great effect that I decide to build a whole deck around it. I chose Druid, as he has a lot of ways to buff Minions and he synergizes well with Beasts. A few minutes later and Angry Chickens are flying every which way, clucking their way through any and all obstacles, on the path to victory. Often the opponent’s. It’s very much worth it, though.

A victory earnt by an Angry Chicken, as well as the sight of a 1/1 Minion growing to over 10 attack strength fills my heart with joy. I lose most of the games, but I finally show the world how dangerous a chicken can be when you make it angry.

(4) Double the Golem Double the Fun

9 - Double Arcane Golem

I’ll have an Arcane Golem with a side of double Power Overwhelming. Does that come with a Faceless Manipulator? It does? Great! What’s that? You’ll throw in an Emperor Thaurissan to get the cost down? Wonderful, let’s do that. How much is that? 24 points of damage? Sure, I’ll take it.

I came across this combo last season (I got my ass kicked by a player utilizing the strategy) and it impressed me to the extent that I decided to build a deck around it. I designed a very Handlocky deck, hoping that my opponents would play accordingly, not expecting me to Charge up to victory once I hold all the necessary cards. This is one of the biggest strengths of the deck – when playing against it, you never expect the 24 points of damage. Warlock using Charge? You must be crazy!

(3) The Most Impossible Mech Synergy

10 - The Most Impossible Mech Synergy 1 11 - The Most Impossible Mech Synergy 2

What the hell is a V-07-TR-ON?

Let’s find out why everyone was so excited about the possibility of producing a Minion with quadruple Windfury when the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion was first announced — and yet I have never seen the Minion in action since the release. Well, the reason is simple — it’s near-impossible to get 3 Mechs on the board at the same time and for them to survive until the next turn, unless you happen to be so far ahead that you don’t need an overpowered Minion to win the game for you. This makes Mimiron’s Head one of the least useful Legendaries in the game, unfortunately.

This poses a problem for me once I realize that I have to make the combo happen for this list. At first, I decide to use a Mech Mage archetype with a couple of freeze spells to protect my board once I get Mimiron’s Head out. After several games and no luck in producing a V-07-TR-ON, I decide to build a different deck.

This time I go for a Rogue, using Conceal to stealth my Mechs (I use cheap Mechs in order to be able to throw the combo out in its entirety in a single turn). Second game with my Stealth Rogue, and I get lucky. A moment of surprise as I realize that this forgotten Legendary has by far the coolest animation I have ever seen in Hearthstone. Who would have thought it?

(2) Reincarnate This

12 - Reincarnate This 1 13 - Reincarnate This 2 14 - Reincarnate This 3

Reincarnate Shaman is probably my favorite gimmicky deck in Hearthstone. As with all gimmicky decks, the challenge is to build a strong deck around the core combo. Reincarnate is not too bad in this as it synergizes with just about every Deathrattle Minion, primarily Legendaries that do well in Shaman decks anyway. For a second I consider adding in a Baron Rivendare for some double Reincarnate madness, but then I think not. Let’s not go crazy. Space is limited if I want this deck to be balanced so that it does well.

I have three favorite targets for Reincarnate – Kel’Thuzad is the first one. Double Kel’Thuzad is a very powerful board presence – unless your opponent has the ability to wipe the whole board or take out two 8 health Minions in a single turn. Concedes tend to happen after a double Kel’Thuzad gets played.

My second most favorite way to use Reincarnate is on Sylvanas Windrunner. As the two cards combined come up to 8 mana, it’s possible to surprise an opponent by stealing his late game Legendary, while leaving a fresh copy of Sylvanas behind in order to steal another Minion next turn. In the screenshot I use this tactic to steal a Grommash Hellscream. It’s a good catch and a proud moment for my Reincarnate deck.

The third way I like to utilize Reincarnate is by throwing it on Al’Akir the Windlord. His Divine Shield and Charge can both be restarted using Reincarnate. Basically, you are getting 2 uses out of the card in a single turn. In the third screenshot I also employ a Flametongue Totem to get extra points of damage out of Al’Akir. I shed a tear that I haven’t included Rockbiter Weapon in the deck, but then I remember not to be greedy. Another thing I realize while using Reincarnate is that I positioned my Minions badly – Al’Akir is revived on the right side of the board and the Flametongue Totem is out of reach. I miss out on an opportunity to deal 20 points of damage in a single turn. Lesson learned…

(1) The Ultimate Muster for Battle

15 - The Ultimate Muster For Battle

I really like to play Paladin. You got that, right? Okay, good. My favorite combo of all time is to use every way there is to synergize Muster for Battle – all in 1 game, in as few turns as possible.

I begin with Sword of Justice, then I get a Knife Juggler out. Afterwards, I finally play Muster for Battle – my Knife Juggler will be throwing 3 daggers, not forgetting that the tokens will be getting the buff from Sword of Justice. Next turn I finish the combo with a Quartermaster, leaving me with three 4/4 tokens on the board. I am almost ashamed to admit that the next card I draw is another Quartermaster, who I play in the following turn. My opponent concedes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Ultimate Muster for Battle combo.

I hope that you enjoyed the list. Playing these gimmicky decks has been the most fun I have had in Hearthstone in a very long time. Let me know of any combos and synergies that I may have forgotten by leaving a comment below. The weirder they are, the better!

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