Hearts of Card Gwent Mod for The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 has received a makeover, now with even more card battling than before!

Hearts of Card is a mod that has been released for the card game known as Gwent featured in this year’s smash-hit action RPG, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The mod replaces your standard sword-swinging, skull-crushing, and magic-casting combat with a card-slinging game of Gwent instead! This is the coolest PC game mod I have ever seen — period.

Gwent is an excellent card game that we reviewed back in July of this year. In Gwent, you play against a single opponent using character and monster cards from the game. The idea is to commit specific types of cards to a single row in the hopes that your total strength in each row beats your opponents’.

There is a lot of risk involved in Gwent, as there are cards that can turn your fortune by reducing the power of your cards to 1 in a single stroke, thus cementing defeat. You also need to wager how many cards you want to commit to in a single round, as the game follows a best-of-three scoring system.


Gwent is a strategic card game that can be played in The Witcher 3. The Hearts of Card mod replaces all battle instances with Gwent.

It appears that the name and theme of the mod has been influenced by Yu-Gi-Oh!, as in the original cartoon series, the protagonist and many of the side characters will carry their deck with them wherever they go and often resolve critical plot lines and conflicts with each other by playing the card game. The Hearts of Card mod (named after the “Heart of the Cards” concept in Yu-Gi-Oh!) replicates this exact same process whilst trying to complete the main story missions of The Witcher 3.

The most hilarious effect of the mod is that when you win a match the opponent will fall down dead, as if you had struck them with a killing blow from an actual weapon! This is somewhat similar to what happens in the Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon duels, where the defeated player would often suffer injuries, become unconscious, lose their soul or worse! (Having said that, they were messing with high-tech VR and ancient magic… Not a good mix, by any standard!)

The loot system in the game stays intact despite the heavy modification of the battle system, as does the scaling of difficulty. An easier opponent will have a basic deck, whilst a boss may carry a far more potent deck of cards for you to deal with.

Just as enemies would, the hero Geralt also falls down dead when defeated in a Gwent game. You will want to have acquired a decent array of cards before you contemplate installing this mod — unless you’re a fan of loading your last save on a frequent basis!

Most mods change the graphics, sounds, and even characters within a game. This is the first to replace an entire battle system with something else. Granted, they already had the tools programmed into the game and didn’t have to come up with the concept themselves. However, this has to be one of the finest accomplishments in video game modifications to date.

If you’ve not played The Witcher 3 yet, and have a PC powerful enough to do so, I highly recommend you play it. If you already are playing – Gwent is the only reason you’ve not completed it yet, right?

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