Hex Moves on From Beta, Launches PvE

On Tuesday, January 26th Hex: Shards of Fate released a much, much anticipated update: the PvE mode promised during the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Chronicles of Entrath’s Adventure Zone comes complete with lots of encounters, mini-quests, and five replayable Dungeons that test decks, strategies, and earn massive rewards. The patch was originally expected by the end of 2015, but as December came to a close Hex developers decided that there were simply too many bugs for a full launch. But they worked out the major kinks less than a month later, resulting in the biggest update the game has ever seen. And they plan to roll out plenty more over the course of 2016.


The detailed map is a dramatically updated version of the original Kickstarter version’s map.

The Adventure Zone acts as a campaign mode and incorporates up to 45 unique encounters, including boss fights, side quests, and more, all accessible via a massive, detailed map. The exact storyline embarked upon depends on the race chosen for the Champion. The Adventure Zone as a whole offers ample rewards, including a pack that features a mix of equipment, PvE Cards, and Stardust. These are handed out as you complete events, but players won’t always know they’ve earned one until it happens.

Inside the Adventure Zone are five separate Dungeons, each of which contain two or more encounters that lead up to a final fight with a Boss. Completing a Dungeon earns substantial rewards, and amongst the five, there are 36 separate fights to take on. The first go-round nets you a quest reward, while repeats earn gold and a pack of cards exclusive to the Dungeon dominated. Right now, there are over 100 PvE cards up for reward, as well as close to 200 new pieces of equipment that the game pulls from when creating the packs. The exclusive packs for the Dungeons contain six PvE cards along with 9 pieces of equipment.

Right now, PvE includes three classes: Cleric, Mage, and Warrior. According to Hex developers, Ranger, Rogue, and Warlock will roll out shortly. However, all 8 races are represented. You can read more about the available classes and races on the official post.


Hex developer Cory leaked four cards from Set 4 in an update post this week.

The Adventure Zone and included Dungeons are just the first step – Hex has plenty planned for the rest of the year. They’re starting with a small patch to work out any existing kinks in the new campaign mode and Adventure Zone. So far since launch, there have been two updates tweaking load times, the balance of encounters, and more. From here, they plan to release Set 4, of which they’ve showed off a few card samples and hinted at some new mechanics.

Then, it’s on to Adventure Zone 2, another massive patch. This will include a new mercenary system, 8 different strongholds, and the addition of the Ranger class. Right now, there’s no timeline for the update, but according to the developers Adventure Zone 2 is the top priority after Set 4’s release.

Since the game launched in beta, it has had to delay updates, including PvE, moreso than players would have liked. However, included in the announcement of the Adventure Zone is a note stating that the team has expanded substantially, and developers expect to be able to roll out new content and updates at a quicker pace. They’ve also officially removed the “Beta” tag from the game – now, it’s just updates, new features, and new content on the horizon.

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