Hex’s Night of Bells Event Going on Now

Hex put together their annual Night of Bells holiday event for players, running from Monday, December 21st to Monday, January 4th. During the two week period, anyone who logs in will receive a holiday-themed sleeve, and anyone who participates in a tournament will get a PvP card with seasonal artwork. Per usual, the sleeve mirrors the PvP card on offer. There’s also a chance to earn PvE card Uncle Sparklestaff and equipment by taking on (and beating) bosses in the Arena.

Holiday SNoBSleeveleeves

The sleeve is exclusive to the event, featuring the Night of Bells name and a festive depiction of Lithe Lyricist (complete with sparkles and presents). This is a bit different from last year’s sleeve, which was a festive version of Adamanthian Scrivener – 2015’s has the event name on it, which is a change from the game’s normal promotional sleeve branding.

To earn the sleeve, just log in to your Hex account. Shortly after, you’ll receive a notification in your account’s inbox to confirm acceptance of the prize. Some users are reporting having to log out and then log back in to get the  confirmation.


Reward for Tournament Participation

This year’s card is an alternate artwork edition of the PvP card Lithe Lyricist, utilizing the same festive artwork as the sleeve (or the upper half, anyway). Rather than a single elf lounging in the woods, the card shows off a musical trio decked out in winter wear with sparkly snow and a crisp


night sky. All players need to do to earn it is participate in and complete any Hex tournament, and there are a few to choose from.

Hex is running a 2-2-1 Flashback Tournaments party with Throwback Draft and Sealed Gauntlet tournaments. Participation in any of these will trigger the reward, and if you happen to be mid-game on the 4th when the event ends, you can still finish the game and earn the prize. Note that the Flashback Tournaments are limited to set 1 and set 2 Champions, and they end on Tuesday, January 5th – a day after the Night of Bells event is over. If you start a tournament after the event, you won’t earn the card.

Participation in the upcoming VIP tournaments will also work to earn the card – these Constructed VIP tournaments start on December 25th.

As with the sleeve, you will probably have to log out and log back in after your chosen tournament to see the reward.  Get some tips on using Lithe Lyricist here.

Earning Uncle Sparklestaff


The new PvE card is available by defeating Tiers 2 and 4 in the Arena. Defeat Tier 2’s boss and get two cards and one piece of equipment – the staff or the robe (the game chooses the equipment for you). Defeat both and earn 4 cards and both pieces of equipment. According to Hex, you’ll keep earning the reward every time you defeat the bosses during the promotional period.

Just like the new/alternative Lithe Lyricist artwork, the Uncle Sparklestaff is just as stunning as expected. Some players with ridiculously good memories noticed that the card looked pretty familiar. Apparently, Hex used the artwork in a ‘spot the differences’ post back in May.

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