Magic Announces Eternal Masters Set Release

Magic: The Gathering announced the upcoming release of the 249 card set Eternal Masters. The reprint set does for Legacy, Vintage, and Commander what Modern Masters and its sequel, Modern Masters 2015 Edition, did for Modern. The set will not contain cards from the Reserved List, but there will be plenty of fan-favorites included. Rumors are swirling that someone has a list of all of the cards in the set, and given that the set release was spoiled nearly a month prior to Wizards of the Coast’s announcement, developers are taking the rumor seriously.

So far, WOtC have verified that Force of Will and Wasteland will be included in the set, both boasting new artwork. Sets will be released in English, Japanese, and Chinese on June 10, with an online release date of June 17. The traditional version will retail for $9.99, and the digital version for $6.99.


Force of Will made its way into the Eternal Masters set, with new artwork from Magic artist alum Terese Neilson.

Although WOtC just made the announcement for the set a few days ago, a Reddit user predicted the release a month prior. The same individual who correctly predicted the ban of Splinter Twin from Modern, which was announced by WOtC in January of this year. The user, dubbing him/herself ‘The Prophet’, noted that Eternal Masters would be announced during the Pro Tour, which was only off by a few days. The user also correctly predicted two cards in the set – Force of Will and Wasteland. It remains to be seen if the third predicted card, Rishadan Port, will also be included in the release.

Magic is often plagued with leaks, and at first glance, this one isn’t necessarily the ‘biggest’. However, it is causing a stir in the Magic community for one simple fact – The Prophet states on Reddit that he/she became aware of the set by overhearing a vendor discussing it. If true, this could mean that WOtC is potentially giving larger vendors a heads up on sets so they (the vendors) can manipulate lead-up sales and promotions to maximize financial gain, to the detriment of Magic players. For example, decks with Eternal Masters-released cards will probably benefit greatly from cards on the Reserved List. Cards that easily sell for several hundred dollars. With a heads up on the formats, vendors could up the prices on these in preparation for the surge in demand.

But on the same day that WOtC released information on Eternal Masters, they also released a statement regarding this very issue. The statement reads, in part, “We want to ensure that the entire Magic community knows that we DO NOT provide preferential treatment to any card vendor, distributor, or retailer; nor do we disclose detailed card set information prior to preview season.” In the statement, they also note that there is a rumor going around that the entire 249 card list is available, and they’re actively investigating the claims.

Any lists posted have, as of today, been debunked, typically for containing Reserved List cards. It remains to be seen what, exactly Eternal Masters will offer, and how WOtC’s investigation will pan out. Stay tuned!

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