Man Steals over $500 Worth of Magic Cards from Alabama Walmart

On December 21st,  police arrested seemingly career-shoplifter/thief and Huntsville, Alabama resident Steven Floyd Troy Skinner for stealing over $500 worth of Magic cards back in May of this year. The alleged crime included over $500 worth of merchandise, which is the Alabama threshold between misdemeanor and felony theft. Therefore, Skinner is being charged with second-degree theft of property; a felony, and one that comes with up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted.

This is Steven Skinner's latest mugshot; unfortunately, it seems to be one of many.

This is Steven Skinner’s latest mugshot; unfortunately, it seems to be one of many.

Police state that Skinner did have an accomplice, although there’s no word on who that may be yet. And unlike last June’s sting to take down the man who stole $8,000 worth of cards out of a player’s truck, police didn’t have to chase anyone down or set any traps – Skinner was already being held by another law enforcement agency, which happily transferred him over to the Hartselle Police Department after discovering that they had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Based on Skinner’s past brushes with the law, the alleged theft is likely finance-focused rather than a player trying to add to his collection; however, the name Steven F. Skinner appears over at Wizards of the Coast archive for the 2010 Grand Prix-Nashville lineup. We’re not able to confirm if it’s the same person or just an unhappy coincidence.

During the same month as the Magic theft (May 2015) Skinner and an accomplice, Matthew Bradley Palmer, were arrested for stealing unknown merchandise from two different Walmart stores. They started at a Moulton establishment, where they ran after a store employee asked to see a receipt. They went on to steal from the Muscle Shoals store and were promptly arrested. Later, police determined they were the same duo responsible for the Moulton theft. Skinner was charged with second-degree theft of property then as well, but the outcome of that charge isn’t readily available. However, he did go on to be charged with a probation violation for a charge of third degree theft in August of this year, which may have been a reduced charge from the May incident.

Magic: The Gathering cards are notoriously stolen due to their value, although the major ‘heists’, like the $84,000+ recently cracked, are typically inside jobs or very unfortunate deck thefts from homes and tournaments.

According to Madison County Jail records, Skinner has been having brushes with the law since at least 2009 at the age of 19, although this seems to be his first card theft. Skinner is currently hanging out over in the county jail on $2,500 bail. No word on whether or not police actually recovered the cards or any other merchandise.


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