Mobile Digimon Heroes Released to Google Play and iTunes

Google Play saw the release of mobile card game Digimon Heroes on Monday, January 22, while iTunes began featuring the download on Wednesday, January 24. The release came just a week before today’s scheduled release of Play Station’s Digimon: Cyber Sleuth. The new mobile game, developed and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment, features over 1,000 different Digimon and a streamlined match-3 battle system.


Everything takes place on an island, where Digimon armies have been battling it out for ages.

Digimon Heroes allows players to collect both common and legendary Digimon and enhance them with digifusing and digivolving. The game pulls Digimon from the full scope and history of the franchise and also features a few made-for-game Digimon, hence the massive amount of available options. With this collection, players can create teams to fight in battles as they explore the game’s world. Upon download, the game starts you off with a pack of cards, and you take it from there. Game mechanics are simple – match three cards of the same color and let them attack. Winning battles nets new cards and other rewards. Outside of the anytime-battles and working to upgrade collected Digimon and form teams, the mobile app features regular events that net rewards, including daily and long-term missions as well as seasonal challenges. According to reviews, there are plenty of ways to digivolve, and the game will match a player up with a random person’s Digimon during battles as a form of social networking.

Digimon Heroes is free-to-play, but it does utilize in-app purchases via an in-game shop, with pricing ranging from $0.99 to $9.99. Early reports note that some Digimon aren’t available without a cash purchase of Digicoins; however, this doesn’t limit one’s ability to win any battles or challenges, at least at this point. Special starter packs seem to go for $3.99 based on player feedback, but are likely to include at least one pretty awesome Digimon.

The game is designed for mobile phones, although it will work on tablets. That said – the graphics may look a bit skewed on bigger screens according to some reviews. As with most app launches, Bandai Namco is currently working out some kinks based on user reports. As of January 29, they are still trying to fix a bug in the ‘adding friends’ option. There’s also currently an issue with a ‘Player not Found’ screen error when trying to link with Facebook friends.

Some players note an issue with connecting to Fire Island after download. According to developers, users will need to close all apps, turn on Airplane mode and power off the device. Then, turn the device back on, open Game Center, and log out of the account. Finally, turn off Airplane mode, log back into Game Center, and try getting into Digimon Heroes again. Players having a difficult time installing the game in the first place, an issue most commonly seen with Android devices, may need to clear their Google Play cache.

In spite of a few hiccups in the roll-out, the mobile game is seeing several high reviews in both stores, and developers released a new, updated version that fixes bugs and improves gameplay for iOS and Android today, as well as a new card pack.

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