Nomad Games Releasing Talisman Game Based on Warhammer 40K

Nomad Games and Games Workshop announced a new addition to Nomad’s lineup of digital versions of the classic tabletop board game Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, an epic fantasy board game currently on its fourth edition. The announcement came at the Games Workshop 40th Birthday Event held over January 2nd and 3rd. And the setting was certainly fitting: Games Workshop, the original publisher of Talisman (which is currently published by Fantasy Flight Games) also happens to be the developer of the epic Warhammer 40,0000. They’ve decided to partner up with Nomad Games, the current developer of the digital version of Talisman, to create something equally as stunning. Talisman: The Horus Heresy is being billed as a marriage of the two ‘parent’ games: a Talisman-inspired digital board game set in none other than the Warhammer 40,000 universe during the Milky Way-wide civil war that occurred in the 31st century, setting the stage for the Imperium of Man to take over.


Nomad Games has released a handful of screenshots of the new game prior to its February debut.

Essentially, the new digital board game will follow the classic Talisman rule system and mechanics, pitting up to four players against each other as they try to take control of heroes or villains from the Horus Heresy war. Players can take the side of the Traitor Legions or the Loyalists and battle it out to determine the fate of the entire galaxy (and humanity as a whole).

According to the developer, players can choose from one of eight famous characters from the Warhammer story line, including heroes and villains. So far, the unparalleled Avenging son Roboute Guilliman and the Red Angel Angron, a Primarch of the Traitor Legion have been specifically mentioned as options. But judging by the company’s released screenshots of the game, several well-loved/known characters will make appearances in the game as well, including Death Lord Mortarion, Alexis Polux – Captain of the Imperial Fists, Kharn the Betrayer, Kairos Fateweaver, first chaplain of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines Erebus, and Kaedes Nex of the Raven Guard Legion.

As your chosen character, you’ll command one of the eighteen Space Marine Legions that fought during the epic civil war, and work together with any other players who’ve chosen your side of the battle. The game will work for 1 to 4 players, with multiplayer modes that allow you to challenge local and online friends as well as the option to play against A.I. opponents.

Apparently, the game has been in the works for over two years now, prompted by an idea suggested by Games Workshop that Nomad ran with. It will be available for both PC and Apple, with a tentative release set for this February. You’ll be able to pre-order the game starting January 26th, and the company plans to release a mobile version sometime in Spring 2016. Talisman: Horus Heresy is the third digital offering from Nomad Games based on the 1983 tabletop game; its predecessors include Talisman: Prologue and Talisman Digital Edition, reviewed here at TCG.

While you wait for the game to come out, check out a teaser trailer over at Nomad Game’s YouTube channel!

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