How to Play Deck Heroes – Strategy Guide – Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Just getting started with Deck Heroes, or looking to get ahead in the game with some strategy hints, tips and tricks? Our Deck Heroes expert Lisa L. is here to give you all the juiciest bits of knowledge from her many hundreds of hours in the game.

Get to the top faster than anyone else with our exclusive guide! Read on to find out how…

Deck Heroes Introductory Strategy Guide

Player’s Profile & Star Membership

Player’s Profile: When I first started playing, my name was something like “guest123456”. I thought it was going to be stuck with me for the entire game. Actually, it turns out that you can change your in-game name, also known as an IGN. You can make this adjustment in your player’s profile (the glowing avatar icon located to the upper left of the screen).

But take note: you can only change it one time for free. If you decide to change your mind later, you will have to pay 100 gems. However, I highly recommend that you think twice about name changes due to the cost. Gems become a highly valued currency as you progress in the game.

PRO TIP: Hold off on changing your guest name if you plan on joining a guild. You may come to notice that as you level up in the game and start playing in guilds, some require that you change your IGN to represent that guild. For example, one of the top guilds in the game is known as Wight Knight. Their guild members can be seen representing their guild by adding a “WK” to their IGN. So you might want to save your one free name change for this!


Becoming a STAR member is the cheapest way to get lots of gems, but it takes time. You get 100 per day over the course of the membership.

Star Membership: STAR membership is essentially a monthly subscription that gives you an advantage: the game sends you gems and gives you other benefits every day.

PRO TIP: The STAR membership is worth it. I highly recommend 30 days of STAR membership — especially if you are okay with spending very little money ($5.99 for 30 days and $2.99 for 7 days) and want to progress quickly through the game. It’s important to save gems; you are rewarded with 100 a day with this membership. Some other benefits membership provides include fast forward on battles, free Maze resets, and an extra 20 energy daily (energy is the game’s ‘stamina’ system).

To tell you the truth, the game is extremely slow if you don’t purchase at least the STAR benefits. I am in no way trying to advertise for the game, but as an owner of both a F2P (free-to-play) and P2P (pay-to-play) account, I have to be honest with you all. This game can either be extremely entertaining or extremely frustrating, and one of the only ways to have a lot of fun is to buy the STAR membership. The reason for this is simply because Deck Heroes is heavily based on luck first, and then the skill element comes after that. The only way you can create a skillful deck is if you have a larger collection of cards for it.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be F2P, because one of my guild mates hasn’t bought a single gem or the STAR membership — and guess what? He finished the single-player modes of the game already and is ranked top 10 in his Arena. He started the game a month before I did, whereas I am just now almost done with the single-player aspects.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe the majority of people will find the later stages of the game frustrating and possibly boring without the benefits of STAR membership, as they won’t have as many cards to work with. So while it is possible to be a F2P player and play the game, in my experience, I can tell you right now that this mobile trading card game will become boring “faster than you can count to 5” if you don’t spring for the membership. There are strategic ways to gain stronger cards and build a powerful deck on very little money, but having STAR benefits is what will truly make those strategies attainable.

The Four Factions

There are four different factions that dominate in the world of Deck Heroes. Some factions are more powerful against others depending on their respective traits. Do you remember in Pokémon how water types were weak against electric, and fire types were weak against water? Yeah, it’s exactly like that!

Understanding the four factions, including their strengths, weaknesses and special abilities, is crucial to being able to plan effectively and play the right kinds of counter cards against your opponents. Let’s take a look at each of them now.


The Mortii are undead zombies, daemons, vampires, and other Creatures of the night.

Mortii – This faction is strong against the Faen faction because of its Bane ability, which increase its ATK by 15 – 150% against Faen Creatures, depending on what level the Mortii Creature’s Bane skill is. So let me fill you in on how to build a sturdy Mortii deck. There are a few very strong abilities that the Mortii are known for: Hero Talents and Creature Skills.

If you have a 3-star Hero or higher, you’ll want to put Undying and Cripple as the Hero’s main Talents (which will be discussed later). Undying has a chance (a percentage increasing with rank) to return 3 random Creatures to your hand when sent to the Graveyard, or return to your deck if your hand is full. This combination will keep your enemies weak and your graveyard empty as they keep bouncing back for more!

The Creature Skills I like to use the most are Rebirth and Curse. Rebirth is similar to Undying but works for Creatures, giving a percentage chance to come back after being killed. Curse deals direct damage to the enemy Hero with an added amount of damage based on a percentage of the enemy Hero’s maximum health.


The Faen faction is all about forest Creatures such as elves, druids, fairies, pegasii, etc.

Faen – This faction is strong against the Neander faction because of its Miasma ability, which increases ATK by 15 – 150% against Neanders (a higher rank gives a higher percentage amount). Everyone starts off the game with a Faen-heavy deck because that’s what the game gives you at the beginning, so you’ll be using them a lot.

Faen Creatures like to use Restoration, which heals them each round, and Elven Salve, which adds maximum health to other Faen Creatures when the card first comes into play. I like to use these abilities to keep my team enduring longer than the opponent’s.

I naturally liked Faen cards the most so it was the first faction I built my more advanced deck with later. The first Hero I wanted was Devil Hunter — that’s THE first mistake I made when I started this game. I wish I had collected shards for the Predator Hero instead, if I wanted to keep up with a strong Faen deck, because it’s a much stronger card overall. His ability to summon a grizzly bear is 10x more powerful than Devil Hunter’s defensive Entangle ability.


The Neander faction includes wild, savage Creatures, beast masters, and hybrid monsters.

Neander – This faction is strong against the Human faction because of its Ravage ability, which increases ATK 15-150% against humans. Neander Creatures are known for their anti-magic abilities. There is a reputation that Neander-heavy decks are weak, but I find that if you create the right synergy between the Hero and your deck, it can be an extremely lethal recipe for being a top player.

Lots of Neander abilities work on countering or lessening damage, or controlling the opponent’s Creatures; for example, Delay causes a chance for the opposing Creature to skip its turn. Feral Fever will boost other Neanders’ ATK by 25-250% depending on rank, while Earth Totem increases the max HP of other Neander Creatures. So, there’s a chance to build a strong tribal deck with attack and health boosts this way.

PRO TIP: Grab duplicates of Nidhogg to use against Disposal decks, and hold on to them! One of the cards you want to aim for is Nidhogg because of his ability to seal three Creatures with Delay and the fact that he has Stoneskin, which grants protection from Instakill, Retreat, and Disposal skills. The more duplicates you have of this card the higher the chances that you can combat Disposal decks. I had two Nidhogg before and I accidentally sold one in the game, thinking I would mostly play a Faen deck. Big mistake. Be careful of this! Do not sell cards, especially if they are hard to come by and of high rank!


The Human faction is full of noble warriors, mages, priestesses, and royal Creatures.

Human – This faction is strong against the Mortii faction because of its Consecrate ability, which increases ATK 15-150% against Mortii Creatures (again, rank increases the percentage). Humans are known for their ability to buff one another, if placed on the field with the right timing.

Other notable Human Creature Skills are Holy Light, which restores 25 – 250 (25 x Rank) HP to your most damaged Creature; Mass Heal, which restores health to ALL of your Creatures, regardless of faction; and the usual skills buffing attack and adding max HP to your other Humans.

In my Human deck, I normally put multiple Creatures with Disposal in there, such as my Balthazars. Disposal is a great ability, because when a Creature with it is played, it sends an enemy Creature with the longest wait time to the Graveyard. It also negates Rebirth if they have it. I recently melded Disposal onto my Royal Dragon which makes him extremely valuable because of his Stoneskin, which combats other Disposals while he is still able to dispose one enemy card.


Getting the Materials, Rewards, Heroes & High-star Cards You Need

Here’s your quick and speedy guide to all of the game’s other aspects and how to get them in the fastest and most efficient ways. Listen up and pay attention! Here we go…


Sign-in Rewards are the easiest gems, coupons and cards you’ll get in the whole game. Make it count and don’t miss a single day!

Sign-in Rewards: Sign-in rewards are where you get free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?! It’s basically gifts that you can collect every day for just logging in. Something new is given every day; rewards correspond to the days of the month, so you’re literally getting one free gift a day. This is a great way to collect coins, coupons and rare 4-star cards that are only retrievable through these daily log-ins. So pay attention to those rare cards and don’t miss out!

There aren’t many tips to give out about sign-in rewards – b0e consistent and log in each day. That’s the only way to get all of these goodies for free and they really do help you advance through the game, especially the gems bonuses and rare 4-star cards.


Completing the Daily Tasks can feel mundane at times, but there’s no better way to get good cards than to earn the coupons needed for free Altar summons.

Daily Tasks: Coupons, coupons, coupons! Other than Mazes, coupons are the next best thing for F2P players. The daily tasks are where you’ll complete a series of different conditions in order to retrieve shards. For each task you finish, you receive one or two task shards which you can exchange for coupons. You need to collect 6 shards in order to get 1 coupon, which will give you one free Creature draw at the Altar.

PRO TIP: Save your coupons and follow the chats to decide when to cash them in. A strategy that has worked for me and many other players is saving the coupons in bulk amounts. I have saved up to 126 coupons before and when I used them, I retrieved over seven 4-star cards and one 5-star card in one go. Alright, want me to let you in on another trick? Click on the “message tab” floating on the left side of the screen. Locate the system tab in the chat system within the game. If the screen is filled up (meaning a lot of people are getting 5-star cards), then that’s probably the best time to pull from the coupon stash. Something is happening behind the scenes that gives out higher ranking cards, and it’s probably a time-sensitive phenomenon.

Also, there is the option to draw 1 or draw 5 at a time. Which you choose is up to you. Some people have more luck pulling 5x and say they get higher ranking cards that way, whereas some people seem to have more luck pulling from 1x. From my personal experience, I have pulled out three 5-star Creatures from a 1x draw and zero from 5x draws, so the luck is really down to everyone’s own experience.


Beware the Bazaar. The deals it offers are not always as good as they seem to be.

Bazaar: This is your typical shop where you can purchase random sets of materials such as essences, energy, 1- to 3-star Hero shards, and glory cards. Sometimes with coins, but usually with your premium gems.

PRO TIP: There are better ways to collect what you need than spending gems at the Bazaar, but shop with coins when you can. Do not spend your gems here. In my opinion, it is not worth it because you can collect energy from your friends list and you also earn energy every 10 minutes. You can collect essences through Mazes and Hero shards through the Trials and Gauntlet modes. If you spend here, you’re wasting gems that you should be saving for faction boosters!

The only time I recommend buying materials and cards here is when they offer to let you buy them with coins. Coins are extremely easy to replace – you earn them as you progress through the game.


This is just one of the many excellent benefits of joining a Guild: earning large amounts of coins.

Coins: Coins are extremely important when you want to meld abilities on to Creatures or level them up through Enhancement (which costs more coins the higher the level). That’s really where you want to invest your coins. The more you have, the better.

PRO TIP: Joining a guild helps you collect a lot more coins. I highly recommend joining a guild the moment you can because the more damage you do in the guild, the more coins you collect. As you can see in the screenshot above, the damage I hit in the guild allowed me to collect 500k coins! I’ve never had any issues collecting coins as some players seem to. It’s just about knowing where to find them, and there are lots of ways to get them. For example, Mazes give you a huge boost in coins. Let’s talk about Mazes now.


Mazes contain lots of chests with good cards, but also coins and XP every step you take.

Mazes: So you want those 5-star Creature cards, right? This is where you need to be! This is where you will find them, whether you are a F2P, P2P, or semi-F2P player! I’ve found extremely rare cards in the Mazes such as Hippolyta from the Maze at Devagati (shown above). If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically Maze 7 from map 7. Use your controlled movement dice carefully so you land on the higher rarity chests for better chances of getting high-rank Creatures.

PRO TIP: Get a lot of Mazes just two steps away from completion, then finish them all at once to snag loads of essences.  Sometimes instead of just doing one Maze each day, I actually save up my energy. Then over the course of 2-3 days I go through each and every single Maze — BUT, and here is the important strategy part — I DON’T finish the Mazes. What?? I know. It’s confusing. Basically, what I am doing is finishing up to the point where there are only 2 or 3 steps left. After all of my Mazes are at this point, I turn into a Maze junkie and just go through finishing each one in one sitting. This allows me to collect essences at the end of every Maze in bulk, and I have also gotten lucky and received around five 4-star cards in about a week. Maybe this strategy might work for you, but maybe not, as I still really think that this game is based a lot on luck when it comes to these modes.


Shards are the best, cheapest, most effective way to gain new Hero cards, so focus on collecting them.

Shards: The icon for Shards can be found at the lower panel, in between the Remove Seal and Deck buttons. This is where you can focus on collecting 3- to 5-star Creature and Hero Shards to exchange for the complete Creature or Hero card. It is fairly easy to use. You must collect the indicated amount of Shards in order to exchange, which varies by card. Shards are located in specific dungeons in all the maps (depending on if you have beaten the dungeon yet) and viewing the Dungeon’s Explorer Reward will tell you what Shards are possibly inside. But that’s the n00b way to do it! Listen up…

PRO TIP: Use the Source tab on the cards as a shortcut to the dungeons that will earn you shards for that card. If I were you, I would go and click on the picture of the card you want to collect Shards for. It will bring up three tabs: Skill, Source, and Description. Click on Source and there you go, the shortcut way to collect the Shards. You can directly click each dungeon from this tab to go to the dungeons you need. I used to go back to each and every single dungeon and click on each of the little “explore” buttons but that’s a waste of time. This way is much easier.


Remove Seal is not a complicated mode to use, but it will take time to get all the requisite Creatures needed.

Remove Seal: This mode allows you to sacrifice a number of specific cards in order to gain a much stronger, rare 5-star Creature. In order to “Remove Seal” you must collect the exact five cards listed in the quantity specified (one each, but sometimes more). Then they will be permanently destroyed by using them to “break the seal” and gain the stated Creature.

PRO TIP: Thalassa’s ‘Recycle’ skill helps you advance through the game quickly. If there is one card you absolutely need to advance in the game quickly, it is the dragon Thalassa, which is one of the first cards you’ll be able to get from this mode. So, the reason why Thalassa is one of the most important cards is because the card has a skill called Recycle. The skill reads: “Recycle 1 Creature from your graveyard to your deck”. This is extremely important because it brings a card back from the dead. This gives you the upper hand by constantly bringing more cards back into your hand and making sure your Creatures stay alive so your Hero has the defense it needs.

So if you’re a beginner, definitely work on getting this card early on. As you progress, you will find that these Seals complement certain decks very well, and it doesn’t hurt to have more 5-star Creatures in your collection!


The various Malls provide ways to get Shards with different in-game currencies.

Heroes: The best way to obtain stronger Heroes without spending a dime is to collect them through different mediums, such as the Gauntlet’s Token Mall, Trial’s Credit Mall, the Guild Mall, and the Tournament Mall. Getting Shards to put together Heroes is easier than getting whole Hero cards.

PRO TIP: Use credits to buy Hero Shards at the mall instead of summoning full Heroes from the Hero’s Altar. When I first started the game, I wish I knew that you can slowly collect credits. But, I automatically assumed that because there is a Hero’s Altar to summon full Heroes, it must be the only place you can get them. That is wrong! As you play through each and every mode in the game, you can collect enough of each credit and eventually buy Hero Shards in their respective Malls. So make sure you constantly collect credits from Trials and slowly but surely collect the Heroes you need.

Over time as you finish collecting the Shards you will be able to exchange them through the “Shards” function discussed above, and finally get the Hero you want! For those who do not have the patience to wait for a higher level Hero, you can try your luck at the Hero’s Altar, but this is costly with gems.


Don’t feel bad raiding players for their Glory points, because they’d do it to you if they could!

Glory Points: Glory points are what you need to collect in order to level up your Heroes and increase their Talents. 

PRO TIP: Earn 15,000 Glory points every day by lowering the power in your deck. The way I collect Glory points is simple: I lower the overall power in my deck and search for other players with the same amount of power. They are more than likely lower-level individuals. This is a really important strategy because it allows you to collect over 15,000 Glory points daily. That’s A LOT of Glory points you can use to level up your Heroes. The system matches your power with a player with the same amount of power (plus or minus a couple of hundred points, or thereabouts) and you basically steal their Glory point loot.

If you want to avoid other people doing the same thing to you, DO NOT leave a high amount of Glory points in your inventory. Use them up. I never keep more than 1,000 Glory points in my bag. I’d rather spend them than log on to see an empty bag. No way! You can also buy Glory cards in the Bazaar, but they’re not worth it if they’re being sold for gems. Only buy them if they cost you coins, NOT gems.


As you can see, the deck’s slots are not fully available until you reach the required levels.

Deck Composition

You are able to have a total of 4 decks. Each deck unlocks at different levels. Deck 2 unlocks at level 15, Deck 3 at level 25, and Deck 4 at level 35. Also, your decks can hold a certain amount of cards depending on your level, which increases as you level up. More deck slots means more cards in combat so it’s 100% essential to unlock all of the deck slots as fast as you can.

One of the first things I noticed about deck composition at a higher level of competitive play is that the people at the top of the ranks and tournaments have cards that are filled with melds, melds, and more melds. The era of Disposal-based decks and having loads of 5-stars to win is now passing. Well, not entirely. I do agree that some 5-stars are essential, like Hippolyta, who is just such a bad-ass card that you can’t pass it up. However, I do find that those who have the stronger deck compositions are mostly those with really good melds.

For example, remember how I mentioned that I melded my 4-star Royal Dragon with a Disposal skill taken from Balthazar? I did that because Royal Dragon carries the “Stoneskin” skill which basically makes him immune to disposal. So, the other deck with disposal can’t mess with him, but he can still come out and dispose their cards (if they don’t have the same melded in their deck).

PRO TIP: Be strategic, and creative, with melds. Think of great melds you could do and how to power up each card to have the best skills possible. Each card is good on its own, but honestly the best cards have a good defense (a skill to use for this is Frost Armor, which caps the amount of DMG a physical attack can deal to a fixed amount) and immunity against magic (my skill of choice here is Immunity, which grants between 10-100% protection from DMG and effects from all magic skills). The better and cleverer your melds are, the more likely you’ll compose a strong deck!


Card Enhancement at the higher level of the game becomes more about melding abilities onto cards rather than just leveling them up. That is, if you want your Creatures to be the most powerful and versatile they can be.

Enhancing Your Cards

The dungeons at the beginning of the game take very little strategy and are easy to beat if you Enhance your cards. To Enhance your cards, you can locate the “Enhancement” mode found at the right side of the main interface. You will see options to Enhance Creature, Evolve, or Enhance Hero. As you Enhance cards to higher levels, they unlock their “latent” skills, which become active. (The image above shows how a Creature at a lower level will only have access to its first skill until it reaches levels 5 and 10, respectively.)

PRO TIP: Save Essence cards to level up Creatures, starting with Flame Brave. You should hoard and farm “Essence Cards” from Mazes, the Bazaar, and Coin Draws. Make sure you save at least 10 of these cards or more. Once you have saved enough, you can go in to the Enhance Creature screen and level up one Creature at a time. Also, when you start, you should be awarded the 4-star Creature “Flame Brave.” This Creature is the one you want to level up to 10 before any other because of her double magic ATK abilities. These abilities allow you to sweep through Maps 1 – 3 like nothing, especially if you play her on the field correctly and at the right time. That is one of the best beginning strategies to get you started.

Another strategy is to Enhance all of your cards to at least level 5, because having six level 5 Creature cards is stronger than having one level 10 Creature card and five level 0 cards. It really depends on each player and their preference in strategy, but I have found that the best early-game strategy was the Flame Brave strategy. Of course, the more you level up, the better and stronger your deck will become.

Also keep in mind that less powerful cards, such as 1-star Creature cards, can be used as essences to level up other Creatures. It doesn’t hurt to sacrifice the 1- or 2-star cards if you don’t really need them and have no use for them, so I recommend using them as “food” for the stronger cards you have. You may as well sacrifice them and level up the cards you actually use. Just be aware that some of these cards are necessary for removing Seals. Thankfully, the game will give you a warning sign before you Enhance if you are about to sacrifice any cards that can be utilized to remove Seals. But still, please pay attention to that to avoid any unfortunate losses.


A typical high-powered Arena deck. You can be almost certain these cards have lots of melded abilities on them, so you’ll need to keep up with your own if you want to be competitive. This guy is Rank 1 in the Arena on my server.

Ranking in the Top 10 in Your Arena

Since the combat in Arena is only set to the automatic play mode, where your cards come out in the random shuffled order, winning depends less on strategy and more on luck. Mitigate that by being smarter with your deck construction. The only way you can control how fast you rank up in the Arena is through the types of cards you have and your melds on them. Currently, the players that rank top 10 in the Arena are those who are very skilled at melding the right abilities on the right cards. You will not be able to meld (or evolve) until a certain level, so focus on leveling up your character profile until you reach the necessary level.

Currently, the pattern for success seen in the many Arenas (and there are multiple Arenas on different servers, so be aware of that) revolve around the decks that utilize a variety of abilities. You’ll see a lot of Disposals (sends the highest waiting time Creature in the opponent’s hand straight to the Graveyard) and the only way to creep through the ranks against this type of deck is to use Stoneskin-heavy decks to protect yourself from them.

You’ll also need cards that are immune to magic and have a good defense against attacks. For example, melding Immunity 9 onto Sentry Angel is a good move. Oh yeah, another good reason to get Creatures from Remove Seal: you can harvest the required Creatures and farm them as much as you want to then use their skills to meld on the cards you find them useful for. As I noted above, you probably wonder how the heck does my Sentry Angel have Immunity 9? Well, I got the Remove Seal Spider Queen and melded her “Immunity 9” onto Sentry Angel, who has Frost Armor 5 already.


Don’t neglect your Heroes, remembering to refresh their Talents with Glory points to try and get higher level versions. They’re much more powerful.

Some people get lucky because they start on a newer server and rank up really quickly, because their top is only level 30. But if you are unlucky and get stuck in my Arena (which is basically one of the first few Arenas created in the game’s history), then you’ll have to fight against our top 10, and I can tell you that our number 1 does not play around. He has been number 1 for about a month now and his melds are seriously unbreakable. Either way, you can’t control what server you’re on, so you’ll just have to deal with whatever you get.

One more thing to know about the Arena is that as you rank higher, you can get awarded gems, but only once. You can’t drop back down to rank 3,000 and try to collect gems again. However, here’s something to reach for: if you hit rank 1 in the Arena, you’ll get awarded a huge bounty of 2,800 gems (moving from rank 6 to 2 nets 1,800 total, and rank 2 to 1 gets 1,000 gems for 2,800 gems total). This is the biggest amount of gems you’ll ever get in one go from the game. So aim high and dream big!!

PRO TIP: Be strategic with melding abilities and spending gems; save your Gems for faction boosters instead of refreshing enemies. Master the art of melding abilities in order to create a strong deck so that people can’t beat you and push you down the Arena ranks. Also, DO NOT waste gems refreshing enemies to get to rank 1. It defeats the purpose of collecting the gems as you rank up. You’ll want to save these gems for faction boosters later. That’s where spending the gems is most profitable.


Melding will sacrifice the card you’re taking the ability from, so make sure you’re OK with losing that Creature first. Here, Techno-Chief is going to gain Immunity 9 from Spider Queen.


Higher Damage in Guilds

When you reach level 20, you will be able to participate in guilds. Guilds are where you must understand how to build a strong deck and optimal card melding to be successful. Also mind your timing when playing cards and hope for the best luck on your card draws.

Guild Maps are super-charged versions of the Explorer Maps, with much harder enemy A.I. encounters. The point of playing Guild Maps is to do the most damage, rank high, and collect your rewards. Most of all, you’ll want to finish all 6 Maps in order to collect Shards for really rare cards. As you advance to the later Maps, many more rare cards will be available for grabs than in the earlier Maps.

PRO TIP: Choose Wight as your Hero to reach super high damage levels.  To reach higher damage in Maps there are many strategies to take. One strategy that I have been using (which got me up to 790k damage) is quite simple. Actually, some people have reached up to 2 million damage with this particular method. Yep… 2 million! With the right combination, it is truly possible to reach crazily high levels of damage.


Here, I am using Wight in a fight on the Guild Map. These encounters are much harder to defeat than their Explorer Map versions, so be prepared.

Basically, I use Wight as my Hero. This Hero’s skill, Death Curse, deals damage to the 2 enemy Creatures with the most HP after their next turn. Damage that is dealt is increased by a certain percentage depending on the skill’s level. After 5 rounds, my level-3 Death Curse can deal almost 20k damage per Creature per round, and it stacks each time! Another element to this strategy: have Cave Dragons. They have a skill that is called Fatigue and this basically drops down the attack values in the enemy’s deck so they all eventually become zero. You just keep whacking them and rake in the coins and Shards, getting higher up the guild ranks as you do so.

There are actually many other ways to do very high damage, but I have been using this one for the past month and it’s great for collecting Shards and coins. The higher damage you do and the more Creatures you kill, the more rewards you get! So get out there and push through those Guild Maps as soon as you can. Good luck!

Tips on Glory Points for Heroes’ Skills & Talents

As you progress through the game and unlock different modes, one of the modes you will see is “Raids.”  Raids is where you will collect Glory points and this credit is ONLY used for enhancing your Heroes’ skills and talents. In Raids, you are matched with a random player based on your deck’s power. This is important to understand because you can use this matching system to your advantage.

PRO TIP:  Low-powered decks earn more Glory points.  In order to collect the most Glory points (up to 10,000 a day), I highly recommend building a deck that is LOW in power. How low, you ask? It should be around 4,000-5,000. How this system works is that you are matched with an opponent that is closely related to your power. Then you, being at a higher level, can still find another opponent lower in level, weaker and carrying a lot of Glory points. Keep in mind that this is a fishing game, so you have to find a big bait by refreshing for new opponents (it costs 1,000 coins to refresh each time, which is worth it for the Glory points you get).

PRO TIP: Keep hitting the refresh button to find someone with lots of Glory points. Search for opponents who hold a lot of Glory points! I always constantly refresh until I see 10,000+ and then I raid them, because you only get a fraction of what they hold. Therefore, if they have 10,000, you will get around 3,000 Glory points if you win the fight. Once you are done collecting, move over to the Enhancement Mode and Enhance Hero.

PRO TIP: DO NOT KEEP GLORY POINTS SITTING IN YOUR INVENTORY! YOU WILL BE LOOTED!  The number one mistake that people make is leaving their Glory points for others to steal. You should use them immediately or get the 10 hours of protection for your Glory point stock. There are some instances where someone may loot you while you are looting others so this has to be done swiftly to keep as many Glory points as possible.

PRO TIP: Be smart about when you start looking for Glory points. Try to fish for Glory points right after guild war battles – this is the time when everyone has recently been rewarded from the guild war and you sometimes will catch 15k-20k Glory points just sitting there for grabs!

The first Hero you will see is the one in your main deck, so if you want to enhance another Hero you should click on “Switch Hero.” As mentioned above, Glory points are the currency you need to enhance your Hero. It’s important to understand the difference between “Skill” and “Talents”. Every Hero has one special “Skill” (the one that activates when the rage is full during battle) and depending on how strong the Heroes are they will have either 1, 2, or 3 slots for Talents. Normally 1-star heroes have 1 talent and 2-star/3-star Heroes have 2 talents, whereas 4/5-star Heroes have 3 talents.


You can’t afford to ignore enhancing your Hero skill, so do it as often as you are able to.

Skills Enhancement

The skill segment of a Hero only has one set skill. Each Hero is known for that skill and all you can do here is level it up. You level up by collecting Heroes Shards; once you have enough Shards, you can evolve the Hero’s skill to the next level. For example, for the 4-star Hero Devil Hunter, you need 10 shards to level it from Entangle 1 to Entangle 2. That’s it for skills!

PRO TIP: Get a massive deal on Shards by saving up credits and using coupons. Collect as much credit as possible for Trials’ Credit Mall, Gauntlet’s Token Mall, and the Guild Mall and then wait for the “20% off all Mall Shards” event. Then, you can collect as much Shards as possible at a lesser cost. I once collected 100 Shards during the event for Devil Hunter. (You do have to use gems to refresh each Mall in order to collect more, so make sure you have some gems saved up, too.)

Talent Enhancement

Now, for talents! The enhancement system is based on a random draw of different types of abilities. If you are curious what type of talents there are, click on the magnifying glass on top of each talent slot. They will show you which talents are available during the refresh.  The first slot is normally either “strength or heal” and the second and third slots are normally the talents you want to strategically plan for before you refresh and waste too many Glory points. Take a look at each and every ability and compare and contrast – ask yourself if you want offensive or defensive abilities.

PRO TIP: Use Magic talents sparingly or risk shredding your deck. I tend to be a very defensive player so I use a lot of abilities like “Agile” or “Full Alert”. I also recommend that you stay away from magic talents because of an infamous Neander talent called “Spiky Bits”. It can easily tear your deck up if you play a lot of magic talents.

As you begin to refresh you will get random types of abilities. The top ability is what your Hero currently possesses, and the bottom is what it can possibly change to if you accept it. If you don’t want it, you can refresh again or just surrender. At the bottom of both boxes, you will see a little info about the level of the skill. This is the area that tells you what your base level starts at. So, if you refresh enough, your level will start at 3 and then 5 and then 7. It can only go up – never down. This is a good thing, as it would suck to refresh and then get a lower base level.

Eventually it will get up to level 10 if you refresh enough (this requires millions of Glory points and many, many refreshes).  This means that every single time you refresh it will grant you a level 10 of that ability, nothing lower. I currently have a base level 3 on my Royal Guard Hero, so everything I refresh is level 3 to 10 for any talent, never lower.  I have personally experienced refreshing and wasting up to 200,000 Glory points in one sitting to move from level 9 to a level 10 talent. So it will be a long grind, but your deck is only as strong as your Hero. So try your best to beef up your Hero as much as possible!


Don’t be afraid to temporarily accept a skill while you’re looking for the one you want if it’s still better than what you currently have.

PRO TIP: Save talents even if you don’t want them, just in case you can’t find your ‘favorite’.  If you stumble upon a higher level on a skill you don’t necessarily want, but wouldn’t mind, as you’re refreshing, lock it in before you refresh again or you will lose the chance to keep it. For example, if I was seeking to change Agile 9 to Agile 10 for Devil Hunter and as I was refreshing I saw Rejuvenate 10, I would lock it in by selecting “Save” before I go and fish for Agile 10 again. Sometimes Agile 9 is better than Rejuvenate 10. It really depends on your judgement.  As you refresh, you will also notice that the amount of Glory points it requires increases, so collect as many Glory points as possible to refresh a lot and find your favorite talent.

Good luck!

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