Pokémon Releases Ninth XY Expansion

Announced last year, Pokémon’s latest English expansion XY-BREAKpoint made its way to stores on February 3, just a few weeks before the 20th Pokémon anniversary. The expansion, released as Rage of the Broken Sky in Japan on December 11, is the ninth in the XY Series and the second BREAK. It includes over 120 cards with two themed 60-card decks, booster packs, and an Elite Trainer Box.


BREAK Greninja was one of the first BREAKpoint BREAK cards previewed prior to the release of the expansion.

The expansion is a follow-up to the BREAKthrough expansion released in November 2015. This introduced the BREAK evolution method with landscape-oriented BREAK cards that maintain the existing stats of a Pokémon (Attacks, Abilities, Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat Cost) while boosting health points and adding a new attack or ability. The new BREAK cards from BREAKpoint include Golduck, Greninja, Luxray, Trevenant, and Raticate. In addition, there are 9 new Pokemon-EX, 2 new Mega Evolution Pokémon, and 17 Trainer cards.

The first themed deck, Wave Slasher, centers on Water and Grass Pokémon. It features two exclusive cards: a holofoil Greninja and a non-holofoil Slowking. Frogadier, Golduck, Bayleef, and Lilligent Pokémon are also included along with other Pokémon. Trainer cards and nine each Water and Grass energy cards make up the rest of the deck.

Electric Eye, the second themed deck, features an exclusive holofoil as well as a non-holofoil Luxray. Pokémon Zebstrika, Hypno, and Glameow make up some of the total 30 Pokémon. Focusing on the Lightning and Psychic Energy Pokémon, the deck comes with 9 energy cards for each type.


Shiny Mega Gyarados-EX is heavily featured in the expansion, and credited in the overview as being the first to discover the rift between the two worlds.

Rounding out both decks are several Trainer cards, including tool card Fighting Fury Belt, which boosts a Basic Pokémon’s HP and increases the damage of its attack. The Wave Slasher and Electric Eye decks come with damage counters, condition markers, card checklists, a custom coin, a two-person player mat, and a deck box. Both decks come with codes that unlock the cards for play online.

In addition to the two pre-constructed decks, there are 10-card booster packs available as single packs, in boxes, three-packs, etc., as well as Mega Scizor and Shiny Mega Gyarados collector pins that come in the three-booster blister packs, available on February 17. The Elite Trainer Box comes with 8 BREAKpoint boosters, 65 Mega Gyarados-themed sleeves, 45 energy cards, a themed player guide and 4-card divider organizer box, 7 dice (6 damage counters and 1 coin-flip), 2 condition markers, and an online code for everything.

BREAKpoint released on February 3. Next in line: the 110-card special set and XY expansion Pokémon Generations on February 22. As far as the XY BREAK Series, Fates Collide is coming up this Spring, making for the eleventh XY expansion. The Japanese version, Awakening Psychic King, is expected to release on March 18. The English version will release May 4.

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