PoxNora Adds New Runes, Updates in Visions of Amareth

Desert Owl Games (DOG) recently released Visions of Amareth, the 27th expansion for its hit turn-based tactical strategy game PoxNora. The expansion comes closely on the heels of the 26th Path of De’lim, adding on to the game and updating features. They’ve integrated a new ranking and reward system for Leagues; along with the expected new cards (Runes), they’ve also made multiple additions and changes to Abilities.

Visions of Amareth preview

DOG released previews of the new Runes prior to the expansion’s release. The “Head Chucker” garnered particular interest amongst players.

According to the company’s press release, Visions of Amareth includes 50 all-new Runes, surpassing the previous expansion’s 42 additions. There’s a solid mix of Champions, Spells, Equipment, and Relics across all Factions, as well as limited editions of 8 classic Runes.

To go along with this, developers have also incorporated 40 new special behaviors, effects, and powers, and eliminated or altered some of the existing. Carnivore and Conduit have been removed altogether, whilst others, such as Growth and Blood Fury, have been replaced (Healing abilities takes the place of the former, Blood Rage the latter).

Developers set up a pack and box to coincide with the update, both of which are available in the Marketplace. The pack contains 1 platinum Champion point token as well as 6 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare Rune. According to the game’s Facebook page, the rare Rune has a 10-percent chance of becoming an Exotic. Players who choose to spring for the box will obtain 10 Visions of Amareth packs for the price of 9. To sweeten the deal further, developers guarantee that the first pack will contain an Exotic as well as two limited edition Champions. The box also comes with 500 free Shards, one of the in-game currencies that can be used to construct Runes.

Although new cards receive a lot of attention, the new League system has players pretty intrigued. There are now two separate progressions and sets of rewards for 1v1 and 2v2 leagues, and players will earn a new reward for every league reached. In addition to the usual currency rewards, including Gold and Shards, players can also earn Runes by playing ranked, including Rares for the particularly dedicated. The full breakdown of the new rewards system, as well as the new League Requirements, is available at the Steam Community page.

Since Desert Owl Games took back control of PoxNora from Sony Online Entertainment in 2014, they’ve made it very clear that listening to players’ wants and needs was a top priority, and the updates and patches that have come with this new expansion seem to showcase that. In line with this, they’ve enabled 300 different Abilities, Spells, Relics, and Equipment to use pop-up descriptions. This is a project DOG has been working on for well over a year, slowly updating all 3,000+ Abilities, etc. to make them more legible. There’s also an updated map rotation and layout for PvE and PvP maps to make the world easier to navigate.

As with any expansion, there have been some kinks to fix. According to DOG’s Patch thread on the official forums, they’ve worked through a lot of them, including closing a loophole that allowed players to trade untradeable Runes and updating the Rune Forge to include the ability to forge and sacrifice Legendry Equipment, Relics, and Spells.

Of course, the expansion also came with a new story chapter and campaign, with the plot centering on a failed assassination and a possible resurrection attempt.

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