Battles and Monsters, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 4/10
Graphics: 5/10

Unique gameplay.

It gets boring after a while.

October 23,2014


NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy TCGs.

BAM: Battles and Monsters is the Newest and Best Card Collecting Game Around!

What Is Battles and Monsters: BAM!

Released by Aeria Games on Oct. 22, 2014 for iPhone and Android devices, Battles and Monsters is the newest strategy card collecting game. Set in a colorful world full of spunky dialogue and audacious monsters, you’ll enjoy hours worth of great fun!


You have access to over 680 collectible monster cards and 70 quests to fulfill, you will discover monsters loaded with devilry to set loose on the world. As you unlock levels within this little universe, these playful monsters will become your best allies when in battle.



As you sojourn through the world of BAM, you will have confrontations with monsters erupting with sarcastic remarks and very bizarre feuding practices. As you win quests, you will join the ranks of the very elite and join in on even more advanced battles.

This game not only offers the best in strategy and trading card gaming, but will just love all these oddball little characters. These characters are not only unique but delightful!

Daisy Duocorn:

She is, without doubt, a very strange blue unicorn. Once unicorns were discovered in the world of BAM, all seemed lost. Well, here comes Daisy! Should you approach her, you might not ever see here again! She has returned to restore hope to BAM, so fear her not!


Fireball Frankie:

Frankie is a very odd looking puppy who has escaped from the burning caverns of Wardor. He was taught to believe that if he escaped, he would live in eternal damnation. Well, Frankie does not believe this lifestyle is for him, so he sets out to roam the land. He discovers a beautiful place with rolling hills called Hoachin Valley. While there, he learns to speak! Unfortunately, he develops a very thick Scottish accent! Could that be because he looks like a Scotty?

Shreddy McYeti:

Yes, he surely is a Yeti! Shreddy the Yeti wants nothing more than to be the very best skier in his little town. That’s where the problem starts because, in all reality, he is a terrible skier! So this persistent little beast decides he will just take one day at a time and be the best skier he is capable of being.


For more screenshots, click here.

Painguin – the Penguin:

This adorable little guy knows how to get things done, even if he is the most understated of all characters. You do not want to overlook this little guy because he comes equip with all the best weapons known in technology. Crafting crossbows from cookie dough, hunting blades made from old lampshades and making stars from old guitars! What more could you ask for?

In A Nutshell:

Surrounded by “nuts” and the best strategy game to come out of card collectible games, this is an excellent, very entertaining and most delightful games around. If you like card collectible games or just want to try one for the first time, Battles and Monsters is a perfect choice! Not only will you enjoy hours of great gaming, you will love everyone of these endearing little monsters!

Games should offer entertainment and great entertainment is what you will get from BAM! Grab your friends, join guilds, collect cards and embrace these monsters!

Battles and Monsters is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy TCGs.

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