Clash of the Dragons, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

The overworld is interesting.

Lacking on visuals.

December 1,2011


Clash of the Dragons is a standard card game that contains a full deck of fixed cards and the cards represents a specific dragon breed. The moment you enter the game you can customize and create your own avatar, once you have done that you can easily move around the map and fight the monsters or other dragons.

Though this is a card based game and has the features of any other rudimentary card beast game, it is the details and the scope of the game that sets it apart from others. This detailing makes this game exciting and unique.


When you enter the game for the first time, you must spend some time and acquaint yourself with combat interface and dialogue boxes with diverse options. Once you have done that it is easy to play and win. Winning a battle provides you with loots, skills and other prizes.

In Clash of the Dragons, you don’t have the popular hit points system, the number of cards you have in your deck determines your health. So the moment you lose a battle or you are hurt, you need to remove a  card from the top of your deck and  you die or the game ends when you run out of cards  and cannot draw any new card. Every time you hit the opponent, they too have to remove cards from their deck.


However, you can build a strategy that is unique to this game as your level goes up. This is something that makes this game more addictive and exciting as it tests your skills. By building good strategies you can upgrade your level and earn more advantages. The more you earn, the more you can  spend in the store and purchase new cards with abilities, like having multiple decks and go to the next level more easily.

Clash of the Dragons is comparatively easy to pick up and play when compared with other trading card games. You get only two numbers displayed on each card.


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The top right shows the defence point and the top left show the damages received by the card. There are four classes accessible and each one has own attributes that determine the attack pattern. The feature that makes this online game so interesting is that it offers player versus player combat.

This is really a very amazing card game and offers an interesting assortment of moves and feels unique.

Clash of the Dragons is free to play.

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