Free Realms TCG, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Beautifully-illustrated cards and easy to play.

You will need to have enough SC (Station Cash) to purchase Booster Packs.

April 28,2009


Free Realms MMO Is Hot and a Great Deal of Fun!

Free Realms is a wonderful MMO game  opportunity including a friendly environment for children. With lush landscape in 3D and amazing wildlife. Pet raising to mini games from soccer to battling giant spiders, all’s fun with your friends. There are weekly and monthly updates including special events and player parties and celebrations in the great world of Free Realms!

Free Realm is also  a trading card game ( TCG) allowing gameplay to move from an online setting in a real world environment amongst friends.

Packs of Trading Card Games offer 10 game cards and one virtual reward card that can be redeemed for various items. There are also real word game card packs that include 50 Station Cash™ that may be used to purchase items in the game.

Free Realms

The Free Realms Trading Card Game allows players to place a variety of great characters and creatures, such as dragons and goblins, against one another in this fun, action packed combat game. You have the option to trade cards digitally within the Free Realms game or with a physical game that is available where you buy trading cards!

Free Realms4

50% of this game is in trading and collecting new cards so you are armed for the best attacks and defenses during tournaments.

The game is highly addictive because The Free Realms TCG is a tried and true formula for great card battles The cards are absolutely beautiful with very humorous captions to go along with them. You can play this game digitally with actual cards in front of in your home.

In The Beginning

You start the game by locating Ari the Fish in the hills west of Sanctuary warpstone.  She will give you a quest: “Pick a Card — Any Card”.  Once you’ve chosen your card, you will visit Sam Potts in Sanctuary and start your training.  Hint: Keep Ari’s quest active in your tracker so you can just follow the path to Sam.

The Guide

The best way to get up to speed and learn the game is through the How To Guide. You will learn everything quickly and thoroughly.  There are Six Parts:

TCG Layout

You will be notice the board is laid out in two halves. The top half belongs to your opponent. Each player has three slots in order to play Creature Cards for attacking. You will find battles won below. The player’s hand is always shown at the bottom of the screen. Inventory is set up nicely on the side of the screen.

Free Realms11

Resource Cards

These cards are a form of currency within the game. You use these during the “Ready” phase in order to generate coins for placing creatures on the board. Stars are needed for a trick played on your inventory. You will receive a coin and a star for each card in your inventory.

Resource cards and creature cards are of the same family. You will want to become familiar with all the cards and how they interact within gameplay.

Trick Cards

These cards have magical powers which you will want to use during attacks


The game begins with each player dealing their hand. You are allowed to re-deal only one time. Once both players have their hand, the game offers three phases:

Ready — Set — Go


During this phase all destroyed cards are restored and the player draws two cards. Your stars return to zero until the Set Phase.

Free Realms2

For more screenshots, click here .


This is when you send Resource Cards into your inventory and place your Creature Cards in the board slots.


You can attack with any of your creature cards that are on the board. If your creature hasn’t any opposite card on the board you can hunt. This means you score a direct hit on your opponent and win a card. Some creatures have added abilities but cost coins to required these abilities.


The object is to be the first player to win twelve cards in battle. Aggressive players have the edge because cards can only be won through attacking and not defending.

Defending is not an option, use Tricks to your advantage as a defender to defeat attacking creatures.

As you learn the game, your strategies will develop where you will know what is a wise move and what is not.

In a Nutshell

Starting off your deck will be quite weak, continue on quests in order to boost your collection. You can purchase digital booster packs when you are ready to take on other players. Always work on modifying your deck so your strategies do not become predictable to others.

Free Realms TCG is free to play.

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