JollyGrim, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

It provides detailed functions of the cards.

It's still in development for mobile platforms.

February 21,2014


JollyGrim a collectible online card game for the person who loves to collect cards but is running out of room for those cards at home! Free to play and fun for everyone who loves to collect that special type of cards. Do you love fantasy? Do you love playing a strategically game and making your cards come to life?


JollyGrim consists of 200+ cards, and each card has different functions than the other, awesome attacks, and fantastic moves and actions!

What is so cool about Jolly Grim is that each card features a mythical monster or a fairytale character. By having these creatures on each card this will allow you to keep your card in your hand until they die.

Jolly Grim12

JollyGrim The best part about the cards within the card game is that each card and their actions are self-explanatory. You will know first-hand what kind of damage you can do to your opponent.

The experience while playing JollyGrim is awesome and exciting! You will enjoy yourself!

The best part about this game is that you are not alone. You will have an Academy that you can enroll and learn how to wage battles against other players as well as meet new friends along the way! This game is way cool because you can actually play the games in real time, not in turns.

Jolly Grim3

The academy will teach you how to combine actions and skills as well as how to build your decks and make them stronger than before!

At the academy, you will learn how to battle one on one, two on two, and three on three. Remember as you level up in the game you can unlock many features bonuses, and strategies.

This game is awesome! You will never become bored because you will not only meet new friends you will enjoy a different scenery on each level. Nothing is ever the same in this game!

Jolly Grim9

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The graphics, the gameplay, the highly decorative backgrounds, and the awesome cards with their cool graphics make this game number one!

Your parents will love the fact that you will not need any more notebooks to collect cards because this game and its card are all virtual! The best part is that the game is free to play!

New features are being added on a daily basis, and this game is adding an app for mobile or iPads as we speak..

Let’s get gaming!

JollyGrim is free to play.

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