Legend of the Cryptids, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 6/10
Sound: 5/10
Graphics: 8/10

Some of the best art you'll ever see in a card game, period.

Extremely little strategy with actual gameplay barely present.

Android and iOS.


May 1,2012


Legend of the Cryptids is a casual card battle game available for Android and iOS. The art features fantasy characters in a mixed Eastern and Western art style and you can enhance and evolve the cards into higher types, which changes the art work. There are single-player quests as well as PvP battles, but other than that, gameplay is actually very light. Battles themselves are resolved automatically with no player input, meaning that this game focuses a lot more heavily on the social guild and card collection aspects.

Let’s take a look at the features of the game before our final thoughts on the game overall.

Main screen

The player’s Page, which is the home screen of the game showing the player’s current PvP team.

Gameplay and Features

There are two main modes of gameplay: single-player Quests and Player-versus-Player battles. The combat itself is largely the same for both, with minor differences. Missions will see you taking one Leader card into battle against pre-determined enemies. You simply tap the quest enemies and your card attacks them: that’s it. There is no strategy or tactics in combat itself, just whether your card is powerful enough to overcome what you’re attacking.

You will earn new cards and level up along the way, where you can spend points increasing your overall energy (used to do missions) or boost your attack or defense points. There really isn’t much more to the single-player Quests than this.

Quest battle screen

You tap the demons and they die. Or not. That’s the extent of combat in this game.

In the PvP battles, players attack each other and attempt to steal resources they have. These are usually items that make up a Treasure Set, which when you collect all of them you can hand them in and gain a card unique to that treasure set. This sounds fun but when you think about it, it’s quite unfair. Since you can attack people that are not as strong as you, you can almost always guarantee that you will win the match and steal their item.

This gets even worse when you factor money into the equation. Whoever buys the most packs and has the strongest cards will most likely win, meaning this game is almost entirely going to favor those who pour the most money into it. Yes, you can play this game for free and earn cards slowly over time, but many players skip this and buy lots of packs and will come along with their Super Rares and stomp all over you. I’m not sure how this is supposed to be fun for anybody except the players who are the richest.

PvP battle

PvP battles resolve by themselves. You just tap once to start the battle and see what happens.

Enhancing and evolving cards is just about the only sense of progression there is in this game, and you do that by sacrificing other cards to enhance them or another card of the same type to evolve it to the next “stage” which will bring pretty new artwork (the best thing about evolving). Cards do have special abilities which will activate during combat, but there’s very little strategy here: you just have to put together the strongest cards into a team and beat up everyone else with them.

There are guilds, but they can also get greedy because you can donate card packs and gold to them as a kind of “guild tax”, and lots of guilds will kick out players who aren’t active and donating a lot to them. The social world of these games can be their biggest attraction, but they’re also pretty brutal and cut-throat. Make sure you’re ready for that kind of thing if you plan on getting into these games.


Being in a Guild does confer some benefits, such as a boost to certain elemental cards.

Final Thoughts

Legend of the Cryptids is nearly identical to Rage of Bahamut and those other socially-orientated casual card battle games. While they aren’t a fully fledged TCG/CCG in the traditional sense, they appeal to a certain market of casual gamers who aren’t too concerned with requiring a lot of deep strategy or tactics in their games. The appeal of this genre is more about collecting cards, enhancing them to be stronger, evolving them to see the changing artwork and also probably a bit of cruel enjoyment over attacking weaker players and stealing their items/resources.

If you’re at all a serious gamer, you’re probably not going to be kept entertained for very long by what is present in the game. That said, it has to be said that Legend of the Cryptids splashes out when it comes to the artwork: this is hands down some of the best art you will ever see in a game, period, and in a way it makes me sad that such amazing artwork is wasted on a completely lackluster game. It is really only the artwork that helps this game get the score that it does, because it really is quite astounding and worth a look.

You’ll have to make up your own mind what you think about the style of gameplay though. Don’t take my word for it: you might actually enjoy it, and clearly these games enjoy a lot of success. They just don’t appeal as much to more hardcore card gamers like me.

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