Maganic Warriors, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Quirky and entertaining animations. | Easily accessible for kids with simple gameplay.

Only being able to buy one card at a time from the shop. | Unable to filter the cards in the deckbuilder.

PC, Mac, Linux

Free to Play with in-game purchases.

June 1,2015


Maganic Warriors is a turn-based combat, collectible card game on Facebook. You must lead your Hero to victory against others in a fantasy world of Dwarfs, Ninjas, Pirates, Knights, Druids, Bandits, Elf Warriors, and Paladins (all in one world — we seriously couldn’t make this stuff up!).

Using an arsenal of cards to outwit, outsmart, and out play your opponent, everything rides on your choices, whether to buff, attack, or heal. Knowing what to do and when to do it are critical to winning in Maganic Warriors.

How does the strangely-named Maganic Warriors stack up against the competition? Read on to find out…


Maganic Warriors has the cuteness factor nailed from the very beginning, using chibi-styled characters (big heads, little bodies).


Maganic Warriors uses a turn-based combat system, where you play one card during each of your turns. Your Hero, an animated character that moves when you use cards, has health and mana bars. Obviously if your health falls to zero, you will lose. So the goal is to reduce your opponent’s health to zero before they reduce yours. Your mana is the resource system that allows you to use your cards. The more powerful the card, the greater its mana cost. Don’t worry too much though, because as you level your health and mana increase, too.

The game takes place on a fantasy world map that links several environments to one another. You have an arid and deadly desert, a pirate ship, and an ice castle, and that’s just a few of the game’s varied locations. The background you play on represents the environment you are fighting at. They are delightfully drawn and brightly colored yet don’t distract the eye too much. All of your statistics are clearly visible, with your current hand of cards shown at the bottom of the screen.

The limitation of playing one card per turn adds a lot of weight to your choices. Ensuring that you play the right card at the right time is critical. I really enjoyed this style of gameplay, making the most of what you’ve got in hand. I had to decide which card to play using factors other than simply, ‘can I afford it?’. When you play a card it is placed in the discard pile and a new card is drawn to take its place. So you will always have a hand of 5 cards to choose from each turn. If you cannot afford to play a card, you can discard one to draw another in the hopes of drawing a card that can replenish your mana.


Strong attacks will knock the opponent off their feet. Maganic Warriors has many funny and cute animations to keep the player entertained, which is more than most digital TCGs/CCGs are capable of.

The cards have a simple design, and keywords are used to tell the user what the effect will be when played. If you want greater detail on the card, simply hold-click and the game will show you more. The art isn’t as good as Magic: the Gathering, Deck Heroes, or even Hearthstone, but they function well enough for a Facebook game.

The game will level with your character so that it always feels like a decent challenge. Ensuring that you have the right deck to go with that power level becomes apparent later on, and the cost of keeping up can be a little expensive. You can only buy one card at a time from the shop using Gold (the in-game currency), or Gems (the premium currency). I found that this really did limit the amount of power you can add to your deck at any one time as the acquisition of the premium currency was slow. I think a little more generosity would be of benefit to keep free players keen.

One of the excellent features of gameplay is that you can add modifiers to your character. During the course of a fight, you can play cards that’ll add damage to certain attacks. For example, increasing the attack will cause more damage when you use Strike or Lightning attacks. Also, there are cards that can increase your Power Level. Each Power Level will add a permanent attack and defense boost for the remainder of that fight. These statistics cannot be dispelled, unlike a cards effect to increase these same statistics. This adds a whole new mechanic rarely seen in other CCGs out there.

In addition to the cards, there are Stones that are used to power up the Hero. These will add varying effects, such as added defense or extra damage to your attacks. You can power these up as well, by combining them with one another once you have enough duplicates. The Stones are acquired through completing the conflicts, and cannot be purchased. The more you play, the more Stones you’ll collect, and the more you collect, the more powerful your Hero becomes.


Time to go Super Saiy… I mean, time to Power Up! Ahehe… The sound effect when powering up sounds almost like I’m a character in a popular Japanese cartoon, if you catch my drift.


Maganic Warriors has a base campaign that doesn’t appear to follow any particular path or story. It’s simply a series of conflicts that grow in their difficulty and reward values. Your Hero will fly (yes, fly) from location to location facing off against the enemy that resides there. For example, you’ll face off against Pirates and Bandits on the Pirate Ship (naturally — where else?).

The game does feature a multiplayer mode, with some times of the day being more populous than others. The mode does follow the same gameplay as a standard AI opponent though, except you’ll be playing against real people with their own personal decks. Expect them to be less predictable than the AI, and far more ruthless. Ranking up in this mode will see you earn more rewards, such as Gems — so it is certainly worth trying to score a game or two against another player.

There is an option coming soon that will let you play against a friend. I can’t wait for this to happen, as I have plenty of friends who I’ll want to electrocute, burn, and freeze while reading peoples’ status posts on my Facebook news feed!


You can only buy one card at a time. Be careful when you buy your card, as one option allows for that card to be used by your current Hero only.

The shop has the standard offerings, except that you can only buy a single card at a time using Gold or Gems. Sadly, the more powerful cards can only be purchased with the Gems. As this is the only way to acquire cards, I felt as though the developers have pushed the player into purchasing the premium currency in order to stay competitive. When you do buy a card, you will have two purchase options. One will add that card to all Heroes’ collections, and this is the more expensive option. The other, cheaper option will add that card to only your current Hero’s collection.

In addition to cards, you can buy more Heroes. Perhaps you’ll get bored with just one Hero and will want to play with them all. This doesn’t change the game, except that you can go through the individual conflicts all over again. This will obviously yield more rewards and Stones so that you may combine them later on.


Click it in, and click it out. The deckbuilder is so simple and easy to use. I wish all CCGs made it this simple. The only thing I would have liked to see is the ability to filter the cards by mana cost or type, somehow.


Maganic Warriors has a simple deckbuilding system. I love it when a game doesn’t overly complicate this feature, as it should always be simple. In Maganic Warriors you will simply click cards in and out of the deck to add or subtract them. If it is greyed out, it’s not in the deck. Clicking it will put it back into the deck.

The minimum amount of cards in a deck is 18, with there appearing to be no maximum limit. I would recommend that you put cards in that you can afford based off of your current maximum mana amount. I would also include many cards that will add mana, and some that will increase your Hero’s Power Level, if you can.

Ensure you have a lot of low cost cards, and then scale some higher cost cards in if you think you can afford to play them. As you level, you can increase the number of higher cost cards you play. You should hopefully be able to obtain cards that’ll add more mana, too, and even those that drain mana from the opponent, as this is a highly advantageous card effect.

I would also try and save the Ice, Fire, and Lightning cards until you have two of any in hand. As long as you can cast both in subsequent turns, you can do even more damage to the opponent thanks to their lingering effects. When you finish an opponent off with any of the elements, you are treated to a lovely little animation of their death. Call me sadistic, but I love it when the Ice attack causes them to explode into little Ice particles!


Maganic Warriors is just shockingly entertaining… Get it? OK, I’ll see myself out the door…


Maganic Warriors is a fun little CCG that doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. It is a game that is used to pass the time whilst on Facebook. It could probably easily be ported to handheld devices at some stage, but it would need to offer the user more of a reward structure than it currently does, with more gameplay modes as well, if possible.

The graphics are cute and funny, with the sound effects and music being pleasant enough to listen to for longer periods. I really do like the game and it certainly put a smile on my face at times. Despite that, I can’t see me playing it for more than a couple of seasons. It doesn’t do enough, or have enough that would keep a hardcore player engaged for more than a couple of months before they move onto something else. Maybe more card sets and more complicated mechanics and card effects will allow for more complexity and strategy in the future.

For the casual player, it is going to be a perfect fit, as a game that they can dip in and out of at their leisure. Maganic Warriors is worth a try at the very least, thanks to its easy playability and easy learning curve. An enjoyable experience, even if a casual one.

For more screenshots, click here.

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Zac Phoenix
Author: Zac Phoenix View all posts by
Zac Phoenix graduated with First Class Honors in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in the digital space. He also designs card games in his spare time.
  • ZacPhoenix

    Thanks for the response, Jorge! We look forward to seeing how the game develops further in the future!

  • Johannes Rice

    A game with potential, but in the current state, very unappealing!
    The following changes need to be done, before i could consider the game serious:
    * Release it on more platforms! Personally, I dont even bother about FB games!
    * Involve a fullscreen mode! Again, i dont care about games that are developed badly enough to offer at least this elementary feature…

    * Involve the possibility to get cards’ effects explained!

    * Change certain keywords! Why the hell, for example, does a card called “steal X” just destroy, not steal?

    • Jorge Magan

      Hi Johannes, thx for sharing your point of view I specially like criticism cause its an opportunity to improve the game! I can however solve instantly some of your issues :):

      – You can have a description on card efffects by pressing and holding any card. You can also enable automatic cards help on the preferences window.
      – Steal X does “Steal X” but effects are never stacked, so if you have say 5X and opponent has 4X, you’ll continue having 5X after steal. Maybe that’s what happened to you. Some cards have stack effects but they tell it explicitly.
      – Fullscreen mode is defnitely something we will add very soon. Game has 20 days old we are working on many fronts.
      – We will, for sure, release an Android and IOS version. The game works on these devices yet but we want to debug Beta version in Facebook first, otherwise we would be covering too many fronts for a small company as we are :). I don’t like FB games either, but for developers is a pain to publish a game on mobile devices with guarantees. For example, Apple takes almos 2 weeks to approve any change in the game and we are making changes everyday on facebook instantly.

      Thanks again hope you can find the game worth in a near future

      • Johannes Rice

        Hi Jorge,

        thank you for your answer, and yes, with the help you offered concerning card descriptions, the game plays much more comfortable indeed!

        So, ive given the game a more lenghty, more serious try today.

        Generally, the game is qualitative and fun, and im sure you will find your customers!

        To my personal disappointment, there doesnt seem to be much strategy involved, though. Besides deck building, and without hero abilities, it pretty much comes down to auto-playing cards.
        And, regarding the extremely short timers in PvP, there isnt room for complex thinking anyway…

        So, am i correct when i suppose that you are aiming for a casual player-base?

        Additionaly, i dont like the pricing model. Being able to just draw 1 card at once, makes progress without paying too slow and expensive.
        Not to mention, that rarities 3-5 are only purchaseable with premium currency.
        This p2w aspect of the game will cost you a lot of sympathy and customers…

        Concerning single-player, im missing some kind of story.
        The battles themselves are fun, the ai, however, is almost braindead, and often enough plays competely useless cards.
        Personally, i dont mind about that, though, as im just aiming to earn more cards for PvP anyway…

        The Multiplayer is generally fun, however not completely fair most of the times, as one player will most likely have better stats than the other. Some people will like this rpg long-term motivation, others will hate it…

        Regarding fullscreen:
        Be sure to involve support for all resolutions!
        On my 1:1 monitor with a resolution of 1280×1024, i have huge borders at the top and the bottom of the screen, which i personally couldnt stand permanently.

        All in all, im not sure whether i want to keep playing MW.
        On the one hand, i enjoy it more than most other titles, on the other hand, theres not quite enough depth for my personal taste, and multiplayer turns are short enough to put me, that likes to take time and think, under uncomfortable pressure…

        In every case, i will definitely follow the further developement, and decide to a later point, whether i will support this game or not…

        • Jorge Magan

          Interesting thoughts Johannes lot to talk about…

          – Yes the game is aimed to a more casual mid-core player.
          – PvP matchmaking will narrow player levels differences when the number of players increases a little bit.
          – Premium currency can be earned by completing daily missions, completing adventures in campaign mode or ranking up in PvP (at the end of each season). Gold cards (rarity 3) can also be purchased with coins if you buy it as “single” pack for one character.
          – When you purchase a pack you always get a “unique” card for your character, other games just make you purchase hundreds of packs until you get the card you want because of duplicates. Here you dont have duplicates.
          – P2W is something to be concerned about, but I can tell you that top 1 player (by far) in the game hasn’t spent a penny.
          – SinglePlayer Story is something we must definitely work.
          – AI intelligence should increase with stage difficulty, but I discovered a bug in versions lower than 0.9.25 where AI was always “dumb” (0 intelligence). I can asure you that you cant distinguish between an experienced PvP player and a full intelligence AI.
          – Purchase a panoramic monitor please 😀 we are in 2015.
          – Maybe you are right with PvP turn time, unexperienced players may need some more time (30-35 secs) to choose a card. We wanted matches to be fast which, I think, is a good point against other games.
          – We will improve game depth, I think the game will be much better by the end of this year, maybe thats a good date to give it another try 😉

          Thanks again for taking your time to review the game!

          • Johannes Rice

            Hello Jorge,

            just a quick comment about my monitor:

            Keep in mind, that customers dont need to satisfy your desires, you need to satisfy the desires of customers.
            If people wont like your game for whatever reasons, they will simply skip it, as well as i wont play a game that doesnt offer fullscreen support for my monitor, as dated as it may be…

          • Jorge Magan

            Just a joke Johannes ;), of course we would like the game to have a fluid layout and support any screen resolution, it’s just a matter of time, we just prefer adding new features before that. Fluid layout or responsive layout is something that adds an imporant ammount of extra work. We’ll do, just dont know when.

          • Johannes Rice

            Great to hear, cant wait to see the game develop 🙂

  • Woo

    It’s good to see your response and engagement with your customer base, but I wouldn’t say it’s a low score. The 7 indicates it’s a quality game with room for improvement, I’d say pretty fair assessment. For being out less than a month, good looks.

  • Ivan

    Hi there,
    I played the game for 30m and I liked alot!
    Simple and fast… but always envolving!
    Hope to ding more later on… but i will say to the creators, Keep on cos the game have all the potencial to seduce die hard or just simple TCG players 🙂
    All the best.

    • Jorge Magan

      Thank you very much Ivan for your good comments, we are working hard to improve it so new features and surprises will come!

      • IvanDragon

        Thx Jorge!
        I am playing every day the game.
        I already paid 5€ for the pack promotion, and I get really nice cards… ´´Burn in Hell´´ its just….. 🙂 lovely!
        I think you should give more Pearls to help we reach the better packs 🙂 The rewards are alittle poor 🙂 in pearls
        Waiting for more…. news
        Ivan D. (in the game)

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