Pirate Maidens, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Good customer support and generous with events.

Sometimes issue with not receiving guild battle rewards.

November 22,2012

Pirate Maidens is a game that has been created for 17 years or older players; because some of the young ladies may or may not have any clothes on. Ahoy mateys! Pirate Maidens is a free to play game that is set on the open sea. You will be fighting with other pirates. You will need the help of your scraggly crew of pirates.

Is Pirate Life the Life for You?

Do not always believe what you see, so be sure to watch your back even with your own crew. We do not want to find you floating in the sea with a sword through your chest.

Pirate Maidens1

Watch out for those shady characters too. It is time to pick which group is the one for you. Then it is time to face other pirates on the sea and fight till the death!

ARRGGH, You Ready?

Let’s get this swashbuckling deck of cards put together before someone boards our ship and takes us over. Do not be alarmed; the decks are made up from a bunch of rough looking groups of pirates, and big chested women and these pirates fight for up to three different nations.

Pirate Maidens4

Pirate Maidens will aid the pirates in death defying fights at sea, and each nation they fight for focuses on a different skill or ability such as magic, swords, or guns.

One thing to remember is that you can fight in each group, and you will not lose your progress. Make sure when you build your deck, you choose wisely because you will be fighting against your enemies until one of you lose all of your life points.

The Features of Pirate Maidens are Spectacular

Pirate Maidens2

For more screenshots, click here.

Did you know that this game offers over 300 maidens and each one has their own abilities, strengths, and specialties? This game is a fight of the wits with an awesomely built deck of cards. There are three stories, and three nations for your choosing. You objective is to find and obtain the pirate queen’s treasure.

The Guild system is awesome. You can take down your enemies easily with your crew and other mates. Be prepared! Get your crew ready for the fights out on the open seas. You will have a fight of your life to locate the pirate queen’s treasure. One question, “Are you sure the pirates life is for you matey?” If it is, welcome aboard!

Get ready for a ride of a lifetime in this fantastic adventure into a pirates life.

Pirate Maidens is free to play.

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