Towers: Archmage war, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Good graphics.

Game is copied from Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer.

PC, Mac, Linux

Free to Play

February 1,2011


NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy TCGs.

Towers: Archmage War challenges anyone who likes to play card battle games. Here, it is not just about playing with monsters and spells. Along with managing your cards, you also have to maintain your tower and mine along with building up your land. It keeps you pushing forward in order to see the types of results that you want.

This means that you cannot just battle and expect everything to turn out well for you. If you want to win, you have to push yourself forward and you have to juggle various parts of the game. With so much to do here, this is going to be rather fun and it is going to keep you entertained for a while.


Of course, one of the major aspects of the game is the card battling, like many games like it. When you first enter the game, you are going to be introduced to this along with the building system available. You are going to set up a few cards, build, and then take down your enemy.

The tutorial gives you an overview of what you have to do and it is quite thorough. Once you are finished up, you should have an idea of what to do. You can start building, fighting, or seeing what else is possible in the massive and wonderful world of Towers: Archmage War.


This game is not all about fighting. You have a tower to defend and a tower to destroy, that being your enemy’s tower. You are going to have to manage the various cards and destroy the tower quickly while making sure that your own stays strong. Using the cards that you draw, cause damage and keep improving your tower and mine as much as possible. By juggling both of them, you can start to see yourself succeed. Once your enemy’s tower crumbles, you can have the satisfaction that comes with completely destroying your enemy.

If you want to do well in Towers: Archmage War, you are going to have to develop a strategy. You are going to need to figure out what is right for you in this game, you are going to have to familiarize yourself with the cards and how this works, and you are going to have to start strengthening your side.


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You have to build and learn, and you have to work your up to becoming the best at what you do. While this may seem difficult, sometimes even impossible, it is something that you can manage, especially if you have played these types of games in the past.

What is great about Towers: Archmage War is that there are several ways to play. You do not just go in and repeat actions without any idea of what you are doing. When you hit play, you can choose an option that fits you and start getting into the game. It is a lot of fun and it can help you to play in several ways. It keeps you challenged and it keeps you looking at new ways to win.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy TCGs.

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