War Metal: Tyrant, An In-Depth Review

Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Closer to real CCG.

Mildly disappointing artwork.

October 1,2010


War Metal: Tyrant: A Return to Classic CCG Games

About War Metal: Tyrant:

War Metal: Tyrant is a wonderfull Collectible Card Game designed for Facebook. Tyrant will give other games of this genre a run for their money. It is so much more like real CCG game play then many others. As a big fan of CCG games, you cannot possibly turn down the opportunity to check this game out.

This game is user friendly for both beginners and seasoned players alike. You will have considerable control over what you place in your 10 card deck, duel other players or take part in raids with your friends. Unlike some CCG games, War Metal: Tyrant does not leave you stuck in a box of strict rules and regulations.


You can join guilds, earn rewards by increasing your reputation while going through this game’s many areas.

The Game:

You start your adventure with a starter pack that supplies you with random cards. You will start with a commander and some infantry units. You can hold 10 cards at one time, so choose wisely what cards you want to bring into battle in each round. You will play with one of three selected cards from your deck of 10 in each turn. Try and bring your strongest cards for each match. You can even use cards from enemies but you will miss out on bonuses if these cards are unlike your commnader.


As you continue through the game, you can purchase additional cards with gold or with premium currrency you have earned or been awarded in play.

For those of you who are familiar with the original War Metal 2009, War Metal: Tyrant is a sequel to that game with many upgraded features. New players will be a little confused in the story line because it picks up from the older game. Worry not beginners, because this is not a particularly important issue as the basis of the game is the actual game!


For more screenshots, click here.


Tyrant is a great social game for veterans of CCGs and a great introduction for new players. The game offers a continuous flow of new cards and abilities that can only add to your game playing experience. If you really like CCG game play and playing on Facebook, you are going to truly enjoy War Metal: Tyrant. Jump in and see what you think!

War Metal: Tyrant is free to play.

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