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This is a list of the best trading card games for Android. There are so many to choose from! You can pick a game by theme, by rating, or solely by visuals. The most popular Android collectible card games are the ones that feature PvP battles, or any type of multiplayer experience. Read individual reviews to learn more about the in-game experience for each game. A lot of of them are free, with in-game purchases available if you get hooked!

Shadow Era (, , , , )
December 21, 2014 -

Shadow Era is a collectible card game that plays somewhat similarly to Magic: the Gathering. Shadow Era is available across… Read More »

Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG (, )
February 17, 2016 -

If you’re an avid reader of this site, you will remember our review for Prime World: Defenders from Nival Studios… Read More »

Power Rangers: UNITE (, )
September 24, 2015 -

Power Rangers: UNITE is a turn-based casual card battle game that mixes in elements from other popular TCGs. Spanning 22+ seasons… Read More »

Fantasica (, )
March 23, 2015 -

Fantasica is a fantasy online tower defense game that mixes traditional tower defense game play with collection of trading cards. Heroes… Read More »

Eredan iTCG and Eredan Arena (, , , , )
October 30, 2015 -

Eredan iTCG is a free-to-play, browser-based fantasy MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Trading Card Game that was released back in 2010…. Read More »

Monster Battles: TCG (, , , , )
April 14, 2015 -

Monster Battles: TCG is a collectible card game based around playing monsters and using elemental stones to level them up to… Read More »


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