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This is a list of trading card games for the Linux operating system. Some of these games are downloadable (most often via Steam) and some are browser-based. If you’re a fan of CCGs and also love using this lesser-known Operating System, make sure to bookmark this list, as we are continuously adding more games to it.

Coraabia (, , )
December 12, 2014 -

Coraabia is online, browser-based trading card game with role-playing elements set in a vast, alien universe full of war and intrigue… Read More »

Epic Arena (, , , , )
July 19, 2015 -

Epic Arena is a free-to-play, tactical, turn-based fantasy card battle game that features your cards coming to life on a 3D… Read More »

Fantasy Rivals (, , , , )
February 7, 2015 -

Fantasy Rivals is a fantasy collectible card game developed by the same people who created Urban Rivals. In some ways, it… Read More »

Rise of Mythos (, , , )
October 25, 2015 -

Welcome to the land of Mythos, filled with dangerous monsters, epic adventures, and wonderful treasures. Rise of Mythos is a… Read More »


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