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Eminence brings you a mix between RPG and TCG and will keep you having fun for a long time. You will collect rare and powerful cards to create your deck with, you will use those cards in battle to become victorious over your foes. You’ll be able to create your character, explore, and much more fun stuff.

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 Dengen Chronicles12

Dengen Chronicles

This Trading card game is browser based and mixes in Manga and RPG with a strategy concept that keeps you thinking. The animations and artwork are great, and the gameplay is easy to understand and learn how things work. This makes it great for all ages, start collecting your Dengen cards today!

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This in browser entertainment brings you a unique twist and interesting visuals. Created in Montreal, Canada, the whole thing was developed to run smoothly within your browser. You will encounter dangerous foes, awesome heroes and collect loot. You will also find it can be addictive and competitive as you play with other people.

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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

This is a combination of trading card gameplay and a little of the RPG’s put together. You can use the multiplayer mode and ask your friends to join in the fun, or go with the single player mode if that is what you prefer. It isn’t too difficult to pick up on, and you’ll have so much fun and excitement.

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 Card Hunter3

Card Hunter

If card hunting is your passion, or collecting things is your hobby, Card Hunter will keep you entertained. Not only does it have great artwork and stylish graphics, it also has a balanced mix of a tabletop strategy, and CCG. You will be able to play in a Dungeons & Dragons type of foundation.

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 Rise of Mythos10

Rise of Mythos

Rise of Mythos will give you a great storyline for those who enjoy following the story unfold behind the game. It also provides PvP battles for when you just want to challenge a friend, or stranger to a head to head challenge. With cool graphics, you can’t go wrong by choosing this RPG card game.

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 Order Chaos Duels7

Order Chaos Duels

The artwork in this genre has been beautifully designed, and it is difficult to find virtual tabletop TCG as magnificent as this. You are going to find this to be a fast paced Card Trading Game, but, it doesn’t take one long to catch on, and when they do they tend to stay with it.

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This is free for you to play, and it can be played on your Android, or you can choose to play it on your computer. The online stores carry new additions for your app’s. This battling card gameplay is of great proportions and epic. You can go with the multiplayer mode or should you decide to go it alone use the single player mode.

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In Hex, you are provided with a great graphical interface with an awesome playing field. You get to build a deck of 60 awesome, and powerful cards. There are a few things you will need to become familiar with, such as Artifact, Troop and Constant which allow you to have certain abilities.

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 Kings and Legends4

Kings and Legends

This card based battle brings you into a world filled with cards, which you use to form a deck and take on people from all over the world to show off your cards, and their powerful attacks. If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering style gameplay, you will love Kings and Legends, only you won’t have to spend any cash.

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Heroes of the Realm

If you want a customizable feature with your next in browser fantasy, this has it for you. Not only will you have a wide range of heroes to pick from, many different things are customizable as well. You can win additional cards when others lose against you, or purchase them from the in-game store to get them faster.

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With PvP modes available you can take and challenge your friends or foes to see who has the more powerful deck of cards. You can also play in PvE events if you choose to. The overall dynamics keep the classic experience you are used to, but continues to stand out as it’s one anyone can enjoy no matter age.

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Rage of Bahamut

This can be played on your iOS , and even on an Android. This is being played all over the globe by gamers and they are having great things to say about it. This is based on fantasy, and it is an adventure you will love. So full of fun and packed with action.

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 Magic the Gathering7

Duels of the Planeswalkers

You will build a deck and then use that deck to battle your opponents. As you progress through the story you will be able to play against your friends. These are some of the most powerful cards you’re going to find in a genre of this type. Many of these cards will be rare and that is something for you to hang onto.

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This is a Collectible Trading Card game that has a twist to it. It isn’t your regular numbers gameplay here, no sir, this is a battling entertainer with more action than most of this genre. Whether the battle takes place in the air or on the ground, all cards must take their position strategically when defending the tower in battles.

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For more RPG card games, please check the Strategy Card Games and Turn Based Card Games category.

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