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Once upon a time there lived many animal clans coexisting in peace under the guidance of a fair and powerful king. One day, the king started acting strangely and the clans suspected foul play by one another, corrupting the king’s mind. Little did they know that it was the Rot that had taken hold — and his days as king are now coming to a close. Who will rule this land after the king’s inevitable death, and just exactly how and when will that death occur?

This is the story of Armello – a storytelling fantasy card and board game where magic, intrigue, deception, and greed rule the land. Play as one of 8 playable characters with the sole aim of becoming the next ruler of Armello.

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Zac Phoenix
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Zac Phoenix graduated with First Class Honors in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in the digital space. He also designs card games in his spare time.

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