Gremlins, Inc. – Early Preview Screenshots

I am happy to report that Gremlins, Inc. is not a cheap cash-in on the ’80s hit film series Gremlins! Instead, it is more related to the phrase “there’s a gremlin in the works” that we sometimes use to describe a technical glitch.

Gremlins, Inc. is a steampunk themed, turn-based tactical board game where cards are used to perform actions and move around the board. Gremlins often come with their share of humor and misfortune, and these elements are captured so eloquently in this game.

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Zac Phoenix
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Zac Phoenix graduated with First Class Honors in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in the digital space. He also designs card games in his spare time.

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