Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest Screenshots

If you’ve ever played the Puzzle Quest games, you will be aware just how ridiculously addictive they can be. Games like Candy Crush capitalized on this and turned the gem-matching genre into a huge money spinner. I still love Puzzle Quest and was deeply fond of its RPG elements that truly placed it on a higher pedestal than other gem-matching abominations (such as the aforementioned!).

Magic: The Gathering is one of our favorite games, so when we learned that these two epic game franchises would be coming together in a (some would unholy) union — well, we just had to check it out!

Is Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest a cheap money spinner or a clever mix of genres? Read on to find out…

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Zac Phoenix
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Zac Phoenix graduated with First Class Honors in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in the digital space. He also designs card games in his spare time.

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