Trulon: The Shadow Engine Screenshots

Trulon: The Shadow Engine is a traditional-style Role Playing Game (RPG) with a ‘Steampunk’ theme that also adds in a turn-based card combat system, called ‘Tactics’. You embark upon a quest after finding a mysterious contraption that has been making the people of your home town Tripudia very sick. The stiffs in the palace don’t seem to care, so it’s up to you, the young monster hunter Gladia, to do something about it. As with most RPGs, you are not alone — you have companions that aid with their own share of big personalities and Tactics of their own.

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Zac Phoenix
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Zac Phoenix graduated with First Class Honors in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in the digital space. He also designs card games in his spare time.

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