Spells of Genesis Enters Full Beta

EverdreamSoft, maker of trading card game (TCG) Moonga, released the Beta version of Spells of Genesis on February 2. Spells of Genesis is a mobile mashup of TCG and an arcade-style game intended for iOS and Android and set in the fantasy realm of Moonga. Players collect cards and trade and combine them to form decks and more powerful versions that they then use to battle different opponents. Although the game is intended for mobile use, the Beta version is only available via web browser for new testers; but, backers have access to the mobile version. The game features a relatively complex currency system and economy not typically seen with mobile games, and its use of blockchain technology allows players to truly own the cards and items they purchase.


With Spells of Genesis’ unique in-game currency, digital cards become an asset rather than just a part of a collection.

Spells of Genesis is essentially an expansion of the Moonga universe, the mobile TCG released by EverdreamSoft in 2009. The storyline of the new game is technically fantasy-based, but according to developers it actually revolves around Bitcoin and real-life events pertaining to the new currency, essentially melding the storyline of the TCG with the game’s rich economy. Back in August, 2015, EverdreamSoft started a token sale to raise funds and sell the new in-game currency BitCrystals (BCY) for Bitcoins. In only four days, they reached their funding goal of $200,000. From there, developers moved on to an early Beta scaled to a 10-level version of the full game.

The full Beta, released earlier this week, is available to anyone via the game’s website, while those who participated in the token sale last August and September can play the Beta version on Android and iOS devices. The Beta features 13 levels of three matches each, each with their own unique story. Early previews note that the primary difference between the partial and full Beta is in the details: the graphics are brighter and crisper, the sounds more thought out, and the overall flow is streamlined. During this stage, the company is looking to further work out any kinks as well as develop leaderboards and create a more concrete plan for special events.

Spells of Genesis is the first trading card game that utilizes Bitcoin and blockchain technology to create a full in-game economy system as a way for mobile players to truly own their cards in the same manner they would a physical card. The use of BCY also allows players to snag a stake in the game’s success and maintain more


EverdreamSoft maintains a set amount of the in-game currency to reward players and game backers, and utilized funds from the initial sale of the currency to develop Spells of Genesis. 

control over their assets. This ultimately gives players the ability to own and transfer anything they purchase. In addition to using BCY, the game will also allow local currency when purchasing cards and other game items, with purchase made through Google Play or AppStore.

In Spells of Genesis, winning battles nets new cards, while adding content to the game allows players to earn in-game currency. However, the new Beta also introduces soft currency, including Gold that is earned upon level completion and used to buy cards, and Elemental crystals, which can be used to level up existing cards. And then the whole system comes full circle – by continuing to level up a card, players can get a card to reach “Final Evolution”, where it can then be sold for BCY.

Spells of Genesis is expected to release sometime this Summer. Stay tuned!

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