Strategy Card Games

Here is a list that features strategy card games.

Magic the Gathering4

Duels of the Planeswalkers

How would you like a chance to experience a great strategy entertainment that is based on Magic the Gathering? The main goal is to create the greatest deck and battle various opponents to become the master in your domain. You can play alone or with your friends in this magical world.

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Hex will let you have the time of your life in this amazing online multiplayer TCG. You will get to create your very own deck as well have the chance to battle all of your enemies. Put your awesome strategies to work as you build a deck and become a card master.

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 War 11

War of Omens

How would you like a chance to take down your enemies in three different stages? War of Omens will let you do just that. You will have to create you own deck as well as take care of you land and the people in it. This is one type of game that will keep you busy for hours.

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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Are you ready for an all new TCG adventure? If you love to play World of Warcraft then you will love Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. This is a great type of entertainment if you enjoy 1v1 battles. Create your custom deck and battle any opponent of your choice and defeat them.

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 Card Hunter7

Card Hunter

Get ready for a free to play environment that will have you creating your very own custom deck as well as taking on different enemies and having a blast while you do. What makes Card Hunter even better, the fact that it is free to play is certainly one of the main points.

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 Shadow Era5

Shadow Era

You’re going to do battle with other players that come from all over the world, and you’ll continue until you reach your victory, or end up being defeated by someone else. Take your time, get to know the cards, as they are a complicated bunch. This has so much to offer, and it will give you many hours of fun.

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 Infinity Wars11

Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars will have you taking everything you have ever loved in a trading card game and put it in a great strategy entertainment. You will have to create your very own custom deck that will allow you to battle different enemies. Beat all of your enemies and grow your deck.

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 Pokemon 12

Pokemon Trading Card Game

You are going to need to fight with some skilled, sharp and cunning Pokémon’s to build your own skills up so that you can become a Pokemon card master. As you do this and you defeat others you will be working your way to the top of the leader board.

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For more strategy card games, please check the RPG Card Games and Turn Based Card Games category.

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