Big Update to Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest

Last year, the Magic-themed Puzzle Quest took the AppStore by storm, easily becoming one of the favorite versions of the Puzzle game’s franchise and earning a pretty stellar review at TCG. This week, Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest got its first major update with the inclusion of a new Quick Battle system that pits players against the A.I. and the addition of 25 new Heroic Encounters. As with most updates, developers tweaked card balance, including adjustments to a Planeswalker, altered rewards, and fixed bugs as well.


Gideon was the only Planeswalker to see any substantial changes, with adjustments made in an attempt to limit his dominance.

The Quick Battle system has the game’s A.I. using a deck created by other players against your own. Rewards for this mode include free card packs, currency, and the ability to snag specific cards. The system runs on a two week event cycle that constantly updates the rewards on offer, cycling through card colors. For example, playing from Monday to Wednesday at the start of a cycle gives a chance to win rare and mythic White cards, while playing the last Friday through Sunday of an event cycle gives you a chance to win rare and mythic Colorless cards. Note the use of ‘chance’ – anyone who wins a match will get a reward of some type, but the big rewards are based on the leaderboard at the end of the two week cycle; the better a player does, the better the chance he/she has of earning something huge. While winning earns rewards, losing isn’t detrimental – players won’t lose points for faltering against the A.I.

Magic: Puzzle Quest also expanded the story mode with 25 new three-objective Heroic Encounters that become available once a player completes Gideon’s Heroic encounter. These are different than the existing encounters; according to developers, the rules vary based on encounter, making for a more difficult experience. However, these encounters also dole out significantly more Runes than seen in the past: each of the encounters earns 1,760 Mana Runes on the first go, and repeats earn 200. Nissa, Jace, Gideon, Liliana, and Chandra have five encounters each.

In the update, developers also revamped the Daily Reward system to make it easier for players to plan out their month to earn the Extra Reward. Daily Rewards are collectible once per day by log-in, and the Extra Reward now requires less play days to collect than it did previously.

For the game itself, Gideon has been rebalanced, with his ability costs going up and changes made to his Rank 3 abilities, reducing their strength. A few game mechanics saw tweaks, and several cards had changes to their abilities and cost, including Act of Treason no longer affecting Attackers and a reduction in cost for dual land cards. Read the full list of changes in the developer’s pre-launch notes.

In addition to all of this, there is now Japanese and Korean language support in the App and plenty of bug fixes, including repairs to cards that were incorrectly functioning such as Shadows of the Past, Tainted Remedy, and Sigil of Valor. Magic: Puzzle Quest also had an issue with missing rewards in December; as part of this new update, they’re providing players with a Fat Pack and 5,000 Mana Runes to make up for it.

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