Our Team

    Pavel Oulik

    Junior Writer and Hearthstone Expert

    Pavel is a graduate in Economics and Business, as well as a lover of books, stories and writing in general. He lives in the Czech Republic, which isn’t only known for its beer. He played Magic the Gathering back in the day, entering the intricate world of Hearthstone around the time of the Naxxramas expansion. Pavel’s biggest dream is for a future world of mature and dignified conduct within the online gaming community.

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        Chris Lucas

        Community Manager and Yu-Gi-Oh! Expert

        Chris is an experienced card game player, specializing in Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is an official Konami Event Organizer and Judge. He also runs an online store selling Yu-Gi-Oh! and other card game products. Chris enjoys studying the meta-game and coming up with efficient deck strategies.

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            Aleksandar Salma

            Junior Writer & Researcher

            Aleksandar is an Environmental Engineer and Scientist as well as a total geek. He enjoys videogames, board games and collectible card games. Introduced to Magic the Gathering at a very young age he has been devouring all available types of online collectible card games at a steady pace always looking for the next big thing.

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                Lisa Lac

                Junior Writer and Deck Heroes Expert

                Lisa is a graduate of Public Health Policy with a minor in Anthropology and a long time Pokémon card collector. She started gaming at a very young age and has a special interest in RPGs and TCGs. She is currently infatuated with Deck Heroes, a mobile TCG and is still working on breaking every code the game has to offer.

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                    Paulina Masson

                    Marketing Coordinator and Site Admin

                    Paulina is a graduate of Computer Science and really enjoys games with rich storylines and beautiful visuals. Her long time dream to work in the gaming industry came true when she joined EA Games in 2011. After a few years, she created web-portal Online Games Kingdom and the rest is, as they say, history. She manages all marketing communications and administrative things for this site.

                        Alex Hawrylyshyn

                        Junior Writer and Pokemon Expert

                        Alex is a programming student and fan of all things gaming. From tabletop to the electronic variety, he loves to play and learn about them all. He’s been a Pokemon fan since 1999 and has competed in major events for the TCG and the video games.

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                            Andrew Clayton

                            Junior Writer and HEX Expert

                            A finance professional by day and a gamer by night, Andrew goes by the online handle “Boomer”. Andrew has over 15 years experience in Trading Card Games, including an English National Team appearance at the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ World Championships. In 2013, Andrew discovered Hex: Shards of Fate and it has been his game of choice ever since.

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                                Efka Bladukas

                                Junior Writer and Magic: The Gathering Expert

                                Efka Bladukas has been organizing Magic: the Gathering tournaments in St. Albans, UK for the last five years and also runs the local board game and role-playing game clubs. He also has a YouTube channel where he makes board game reviews.

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                                    Amanda Bell

                                    News Writer and Editor

                                    Amanda studied English composition and literature at the University of Boston and the University of Maryland, and has worked as a professional writer since 2010. A die-hard news-junkie, she prides herself on staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest ideas and innovations in all of her hobbies, including trading card games.

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                                        Josh Keyes

                                        Senior Writer

                                        Josh started playing TCGs in second grade and collected Pokemon cards. He even went on a few tournaments and took a 5th place in European Pokemon championship. Later on he became obsessed with trading card games online. Josh believes there is always a way to win – by carefully planning ahead and predicting opponent’s moves.

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                                            Zac Phoenix

                                            Senior Writer, Reviewer and Editor

                                            Zac Phoenix is a graduate in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and has been playing strategy card games since childhood. He has a keen interest in the underlying mechanics and player interactions of trading card games, as well as tabletop game design in general and how this translates over into the digital space.

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                                                Bob Ross

                                                Junior Writer and Shadow Era Expert

                                                BobRoss has been using the pseudonym (based on the television painter, Bob Ross) since he first got AOL in 1993. He’s got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been an avid video game player and computer user his whole life. He used to love Magic The Gathering, also way back in those AOL days, and has been playing Shadow Era almost since its inception. He has been mostly a casual gamer, but recently took a more active role in the community with several articles on Shadowera.net and by participating in the World Championship tournaments, where he earned the title of Regional Champion for Europe and Africa (although he lives in New York).

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